Car insurance is expensive enough without any convictions and so, keeping yourself on the right side of the law is important. However, there are some who can fall foul of the law and in an attempt to make you aware of what kinds of convictions can impact on your convicted driver car insurance we have put a list together of the top five.

Drink Driving Convictions

This is one of the most obvious ones because it is so well-known and has been for many, many years. In the UK, the legal limit is 80 milligrams of alcohol for every 100 milligrams of blood. Anything over this and you will find yourself at the police station facing a hefty fine and a lengthy ban. Drinking while under the influence is an act that can kill others on the road and so this will have serious implications on your insurance.

Failing to stop after an accident

There are often two reasons why people do not stop after an accident. The first could be the fact that panic has set in while the second is because the driver does not have insurance. If you have insurance yet you still fail to stop you will soon find the police knocking at your door while the hike in your insurance costs will certainly be noticeable. Just remember, it is a crime to fail to stop if you are involved in an accident.

Speeding Convictions

We all know just how many speed cameras there are on the roads, whether they are fixed or mobile. For this reason alone, it is just not worth speeding, yet if you do and get caught then you will be hit with a fine and points on your licence. The number of points that you are given can range from 3 to a total ban depending on the speed that you were driving when you were caught.  Stay safe and stick within the speed limit, that is simply the best way to avoid having points on your licence and you dont want any speeding convictions such as SP30 and SP50.

Fleeing from police

The police have the right to stop you at any time and so it pays for you to follow their orders. If you decide to flee the police then all of a sudden it becomes a high-speed chase and that puts yourself, the police, other drivers and pedestrians at risk. You will find yourself arrested as soon as you are caught and convicted which will certainly increase your premiums.

Driving badly

You do not have to be driving at speed to be classed as driving badly. Failing to follow road signs or keeping to your own lane will certainly grab the attention of police officer as it will be deemed dangerous while also putting other drivers at risk. If the police decide to fine you and it leads to points on your licence, then yes, you have guessed it, increased insurance.

So, the best thing for you to do is to stick to the laws that are in place simply because they are there for a reason. Failing to do so, will put your premiums up and this could be by a considerable amount.

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