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If you own a period property, then you might find a standard home insurance policy isn’t suitable. This is particularly true if you own a listed building. Luckily there are many excellent providers of period property insurance who can offer you cover at a reasonable rate.

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Key Points

  • Period property insurance will protect your home and its contents if you take out building and contents insurance.
  • You can easily amend the type of cover you want when getting quotes.
  • You can also have accidental damage cover added to your policy.
  • The cost of period property insurance will depend on the age of your property as well as its location and how secure it is.

A Guide to Period Property Insurance

Although there isn’t one standard definition for what a period property is in the UK, but generally if your house was built prior to the First World War, then it’s likely considered a period property. Period properties can vary quite a bit in terms of how much they cost to insure, depending on their age, whether they’re considered a listed building or not and whether any special materials were used to build it (such as a thatched-roof home).

Did you know?

Listed buildings often cost more to insure compared to other types of period properties.

Great ways to save on period property insurance

It’s always a good idea to take any steps you can to lower the cost of home insurance. Below are some great ways to do it:

  • Take any steps you can to make your home more secure – CCTV, security lights, good locks on windows and doors
  • Paying for your policy annually instead of monthly will allow you to make a good saving with most insurance providers
  • Get quotes from multiple providers to avoid overpaying for cover

Did you know?

Various factors affect how much period property insurance costs, such as the age and value of the property and where it’s located.

Reasons to get period property quotes online

Key benefits of getting period property insurance quotes online include:

  • No hard sell
  • Quotes that are easily tailored to your needs
  • Obtain quotes from multiple providers very easily
  • Flexible payment options

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Period Property Insurance FAQs

Are all period properties listed buildings?

No, there are plenty of period properties that are not listed buildings. Listed buildings are those that are considered of significant historical or cultural value and while a lot of listed buildings are period properties, it’s not always the case the other way around.

Will I need period property insurance if I’m renting?

No, if you’re renting from a landlord and don’t have a mortgage on the property, then you won’t need to insure the building itself. Instead you should opt for a tenants insurance or contents insurance policy.

Will the contents of my property be covered too?

This depends on whether you take out just building insurance or building and contents insurance. With contents insurance, your contents will be covered for theft and damage caused by flooding, fire and burst pipes. They won’t usually be covered for accidental damage though.