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Many people in the UK have now taken in a lodger as a way to make extra income, especially since the introduction of the Rent a Room scheme by the UK government. If you currently have a lodger or plan to in the near future, it’s important to know how this might affect your insurance. 

The guide below covers everything you need to know about lodger insurance, including the type of cover you might need and some great ways to save money. 

Key Points

  • Lodger insurance will protect you for the unique risks that come with having a lodger.
  • You can easily tailor your quotes so they only include the level of cover you want.
  • You can get accidental damage added to your policy too.
  • How much you pay will depend on the type of cover you take out and how secure your home is.

Do You Need Lodger Insurance?

Lodger insurance isn’t required by law if you have a lodger but if you already have home insurance in place, then it could affect what you pay for it. It’s important to consider this before taking in a lodger since it might also affect the terms of your mortgage.

Did you know?

Having a lodger might affect the current price of your home insurance.

How to save money on lodger insurance.

Save money on outbuilding insurance with these tips:

  • Paying for the policy upfront instead of monthly
  • Reduce the level of cover you take out
  • Make your property as secure as possible
  • Get quotes from several different insurance providers.

Did you know?

Accidental damage to your contents isn’t usually covered by home insurance so this is something worth bearing in mind if you plan to have a lodger.

Benefits of getting lodger insurance online

Some benefits of getting lodger insurance quotes online are:

  • You can tailor quotes so they only cover what you need most
  • There is no pressure when looking at quotes; simply choose the best one
  • It’s a quick and painless process to get quotes from several providers at once
  • By by credit card or direct debit

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Lodger Insurance FAQs

How much will a lodger insurance policy cost?

The cost of a lodger home insurance policy isn’t just affected by the profile of the person you’re letting a room out to. There are a number of other factors that insurance providers consider, such as your location, how secure your property is, the value of the contents of your property and what level of cover you need.

What steps should I take to reduce risk when taking in a lodger?

It’s a good idea to vet anyone you’re planning to take in as a lodger as much as you can. This reduces the risk of things like theft or inability to collect rent from them. It should also help to reduce the cost of your insurance somewhat.

Will theft still be covered under my home insurance policy?

Theft is usually covered by contents insurance, provided you can prove that there was a break-in and that sufficient security precautions were taken. Having a lodger can somewhat complicate this, particularly if there were no signs of forced entry to the property.