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If you have an outbuilding on your property, then it’s important to protect it by getting an outbuilding insurance policy.

This guide will explain everything you need to know about outbuilding insurance, including the different types of cover available as well as the benefits of getting quotes online and some good ways to save money.

Key Points

  • Outbuilding insurance enables you to insure any type of outbuilding, including sheds and garages.
  • You can cover the building itself as well as its contents.
  • You can add extra types cover such as accidental damage too.
  • How much you pay will depend on how you use your outbuilding, the value of its contents and how secure it is.

What is Outbuilding Insurance?

Outbuilding insurance is a type of cover for buildings that are outside your main property, such as a garden shed, sunroom or outdoor office. You can protect them for structural damage as well as their contents.

Although you can get outbuilding insurance as a separate type of policy from insurance providers, this often isn’t necessary since you can have it included as part of your main home insurance policy, which usually works out cheaper.

Did you know?

Outbuilding insurance can cover most types of buildings on your property, including sheds, sunrooms and barns.

How to save money on outbuilding insurance.

Save money on outbuilding insurance with these tips:

  • Consider getting it added to your main home insurance policy
  • Don’t leave any valuables on sight in your outbuildings wherever possible
  • Take steps to improve the overall security of your property, such as getting a fence
  • Shop around and get quotes from as many insurance providers as you can
  • Consider paying for your policy annually rather than monthly

Did you know?

Most of the time, it’s better to get outbuilding insurance included in your home insurance policy.

The benefits of getting outbuilding insurance quotes online

Some of the main benefits of getting outbuilding insurance quotes online are:

  • You can easily tailor your quotes so they include the exact level of insurance that you need
  • You have flexible options for how to pay, including credit card and direct debit
  • There is no pressure or hard sell; simply choose the policy that’s right for you
  • Getting quotes is one of the best ways to save money and getting them online is an incredibly quick and easy process

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Outbuilding Insurance FAQs

Do I need to get a separate policy for my outbuildings?

No, it’s not usually necessary to take out a separate policy since most insurance providers will give you the option to have outbuilding insurance included as part of your home insurance policy.

Will outbuilding insurance be included in my home insurance policy as standard?

Some insurance providers will included outbuilding cover as standard but not all, so you should always check the details of any home insurance policy before taking it out. You should also check the level of cover you’ll have. For example, if you don’t have contents insurance as part of your home insurance policy, then it’s unlikely the contents of your outbuildings would be covered.

Is there a limit to what I can claim on my outbuilding insurance?

As far as contents go, yes – most insurance providers will set a limit for how much you can claim on single items. This does vary a lot from one insurance provider to the next but it’s important to be aware of and a good reason not to leave extremely expensive items in your outbuildings, since you might not be able to claim back their entire value.