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Getting the right type of insurance for your flat is incredibly important. The type of cover you need will vary depending on whether you own or rent it; or if you’re a landlord and let it to tenants.

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Key Points

  • You can get flat insurance whether you’re living in the flat or letting it to tenants.
  • You can chose the level of cover you need, whether it’s just building insurance or you want to insure the contents too.
  • If you’re letting to tenants, then you can get landlord insurance to cover the building as well as things like liability claims.
  • The cost of policy will vary depending on things like the value of the flat and where it’s located.

A Guide to Flat Insurance

Insuring a flat is different to insuring a home since they are typically smaller and come with different risks. For this reason, it’s important that you take out the right type of cover for your flat. Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions people have about flat insurance, such as the type of cover to take out and how much it will cost.

Did you know?

If you let your flat to tenants, then you’ll need to take out landlord insurance rather than regular flat insurance.

Saving money on flat insurance

Save money on flat insurance by:

  • Paying for the policy upfront on an annual basis
  • Getting as many quotes as possible
  • Making your flat secure with good locks, CCTV and an alarm system

Did you know?

You can protect your possessions against theft and certain types of damage by taking out contents insurance.

Why getting flat insurance quotes online is ideal

Getting flat insurance quotes online comes with some key benefits, such as:

  • You can easily tailor quotes to your needs
  • Easily get quotes from different insurance providers
  • No pressure or hard sell
  • Flexible payment options

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Flat Insurance FAQs

What type of flat insurance do I need to get?

This will depend on whether you own the flat or are renting it. If you own the flat and are currently living in it, then building and contents insurance would be a good choice. If you’re renting the flat from a landlord, then contents or tenants insurance would be suitable. If you own the flat and are letting it to tenants, then you’ll need to get landlord insurance, which will cover the building itself as well as liability claims.

How much will flat insurance cost?

The cost of flat insurance varies. Some of the main factors that insurance providers take into account are –

  • The size of the flat
  • Where it’s located
  • How secure it is
  • The level of cover you take out

Will my contents be covered for theft and damage?

If you take out contents insurance as part of your policy, then your contents will be covered for theft and damage that occurs as a result of fire, flooding and burst pipes. Accidental damage usually isn’t included and will need to be requested as an add-on type of cover if you require it.