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If you rent a bedsit or live in a houseshare arrangement, it’s a good idea to take a bedsit insurance policy to cover your contents for theft.

You can get bedsit insurance quotes by clicking the green button now. Below you’ll find more information on bedsit insurance to help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.

Key Points

  • Bedsit insurance often works out cheaper than house insurance but it’s still worth getting quotes to get the best price possible.
  • You can add or remove cover options very easily when getting quotes.
  • Get accidental damage cover added to your policy too, if you’re worried about damage to your contents from accidents.
  • The cost will depend mostly on the type of cover you get, where your bedsit is located and how secure it is.

What is Bedsit Insurance?

Bedsit insurance is quite different to standard home insurance. For one thing, it usually just covers contents since most people who take out bedsit insurance are either renting from a landlord or living in a houseshare. What your contents will be covered for and the type of contents that are covered will depend on the level of cover you take out.

It’s always a good idea to compare quotes when taking out bedsit insurance, since it can be more costly than you think depending on the area your bedsit is in and the type of contents you need cover for.

Did you know?

Bedsit insurance usually just covers contents unlike a home insurance policy, which covers the building itself.

Great ways to save money on bedsit insurance

Below are some reliable ways to keep the cost of bedsit insurance to a minimum:

  • Take any steps you can to make the property more secure
  • Limit the type of cover you take out
  • Consider paying upfront rather than on a monthly basis
  • Shop around and get quotes from as many insurance providers as you can

Did you know?

It’s the responsibility of your landlord to take out building insurance.

Benefits of getting bedsit insurance online

Key benefits of getting bedsit insurance quotes online are:

  • Quotes can be easily tailored to suit your exact needs
  • No pressure or hard sell
  • Pay by credit card or direct debit
  • Easily compare quotes from different providers

Get Bedsit Insurance Quotes From Specialist Providers Now!

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Bedsit Insurance FAQs

Do I need to take out bedsit insurance?

No, if you’re renting the property then it’s the responsibility of your landlord to ensure the building itself is covered. This means that bedsit isn’t a legal requirement although many people opt to take it out so they know their possessions are covered for theft.

Are contents covered for accidental damage in a bedsit insurance policy?

This isn’t usually the case as standard. If you want to get accidental damage added as an additional type of cover though, most insurance providers will give you the option to do this. Whether or not you think it’s worth the additional cost will usually depend on how many other people you live with and whether there are any pets in the property.

Are all types of contents covered by bedsit insurance?

Most standard types of contents will be covered but when it comes to expensive electronics like laptops, smartphones and tablets, you might be required to add gadgets insurance to the policy.