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As a homeowner, it’s essential that you protect your most valuable asset for risks such as flood and fire damage. In addition to this, you have to think of the value of your contents and how much it would cost you to replace them if the worst happened. Luckily you can protect both your property and its contents under the same policy. 

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about building and contents insurance, such as what’s covered as standard, ways you can save money and why getting quotes online is so beneficial. 

Key Points

  • Building and contents insurance will provide you with the best protection for your property.
  • You can easily adjust your quotes so they include only the type of cover you need.
  • Although accidental damage isn’t usually included as standard, you can get it as additional type of cover.
  • What you pay will depend on the value of your property as well as its contents.

A Guide to Building and Contents Insurance

Building and content insurance gives you a way to protect both your property and its contents together on the same policy. If you have a mortgage, then there’s a good chance your mortgage provider will require you to have building insurance in order for your contract to be valid. While contents insurance isn’t strictly necessary, it’s still recommended that you get it since it will give you full peace of mind.

Did you know?

Building and contents insurance often works out cheaper than getting separate policies.

What’s Covered By Building And Contents Insurance

The main things that are covered by building and contents insurance are –

  • Theft and burglary
  • Structural damage that occurs from flooding and storms
  • Damage caused by fire
  • Damage caused by burst pipes
  • Structural damage caused by fallen trees

Things that are usually not covered as standard include –

  • Accidental damage to contents
  • Damage caused by pets or pests
  • Damage caused by leaking gutters


Saving money on building and contents insurance

Save money on building and contents insurance with these tips:

  • Take steps to make your house more secure, such as getting fencing installed or adding security lights
  • Pay for the policy annually
  • Get quotes from a lot of different insurance providers

Did you know?

If you need to get insurance for outbuildings, you might need to take out a separate policy.

The pros of getting building and contents insurance online

Benefits of getting building and contents insurance quotes online include:

  • Tailor quotes very easily
  • Pay in a way that’s most convenient for you
  • Pressure-free quotes

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Building and Contents Insurance FAQs

Do I need to get building and contents insurance?

You’re not usually obligated to get contents insurance in most instances but building insurance is often required by mortgage providers and is certainly required if you’re a landlord and letting your property.

Will my garage/shed by covered by building and contents insurance?

Your garage will usually be covered, provided it’s attached to your house. Sheds and other types of outbuildings are not as straightforward and whether or not they’re covered will vary from one insurance provider to the next.

How much will building and contents insurance cost?

It’s impossible to give a set price since the cost of property insurance varies so much. Key factors that insurance providers take into account include –

  • The value of your property
  • The value of its contents
  • Any existing structural issues
  • Where your property is located
  • How secure it is