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Whether you own a rent an apartment, it’s a good idea to have apartment insurance in place to protect you for risks such as structural damage and theft of contents.

Below is a full guide to apartment insurance, including the types of insurance you can get, what type of cover you need depending on whether you rent or own; and great ways to lower the cost of your cover. Click the green button to compare quotes now.

Key Points

  • Apartment insurance will allow you to insure any type of apartment for damage to the building as well as theft of contents.
  • Building insurance will cover you for any damage that occurs to the apartment as a result of fire, flooding and burst pipes.
  • You can add extra cover to your policy, such as accidental damage, very easily.
  • The cost of apartment insurance will depend on the value of your apartment and the level of cover you require for it.

A Guide to Apartment Insurance

A key variable that insurance providers use when it comes to the price of property insurance is the size of the property in question. Apartments are often considerably smaller than houses and as a result, can be cheaper to insure.

Choosing The Right Type of Apartment Insurance

The main types of apartment insurance you can get are –

  • Building insurance – If you own the building, then it’s a very good idea to get building insurance. This will cover you for structural damage from things like storms, flooding and fires.
  • Contents insurance – If you’re renting the apartment as a tenant, then you shouldn’t need to worry about building insurance. It is however, a good idea to take out your own contents insurance to cover your valued possessions for theft.
  • Landlord insurance – What makes landlord insurance different from standard building insurance is that it usually includes cover for liability claims – always importing when you’re letting property of any kind.

Did you know?

If you let your apartment, then you’ll need to get landlord insurance.

Saving money on apartment insurance

You can save money on apartment insurance by:

  • Paying for insurance annually rather than monthly
  • Carefully vetting any tenants
  • Making the apartment as secure as possible
  • Shopping around to get the best price possible.

Did you know?

One of the key things that affects how much apartment insurance costs is location.

Key reasons to get apartment insurance quotes online

Great benefits of getting quotes online include:

  • Stress-free and no pressure
  • Easily compare quotes
  • Pay by your preferred method
  • Potentially save a good deal of money

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Apartment Insurance FAQs

Will contents insurance cover accidental damage?

No, accidental damage isn’t covered under contents insurance by most insurance providers. If you want to have it added, it will usually be an extra cost.

Do I need to take out building insurance?

If you’re letting the apartment, then the safety of the building is your responsibility and so you’ll need to have landlord insurance in place. If you’re simply renting the property, then building insurance usually won’t be your responsibility.

How much will apartment insurance cost?

The main factors that affect the cost of apartment insurance include –

  • Where the apartment is located
  • Its size and value
  • Whether you’re living there or letting it
  • How secure it is