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If you own or rent a townhouse, you’ll want to make sure it’s protected by taking out a good townhouse insurance policy. The size and location of your property will affect how much you pay for cover, so a standard home insurance policy may not be suitable for a townhouse.

You can get townhouse insurance quotes now by clicking the green button. If you’d rather learn more about townhouse insurance first, such as the factors that affect cost and some ways to save money, then keep reading!

Key Points

  • Townhouse insurance enables you to cover the building itself for structural damage as well as contents.
  • You can get townhouse insurance whether you’re renting or own the building.
  • You can easily add and remove cover options so the policy you get is perfect for your needs.
  • The price of cover will depend on the value of your townhouse, where it’s located and how secure it is.

Is Townhouse Insurance Right For Me?

Whether you own your townhouse or are renting it, you can benefit from getting townhouse insurance. If you own the property, then it’s essential that you get building insurance to cover it for any potential structural damage. You can also have contents insurance included in a townhouse policy, to protect your contents for theft and in some cases, accidental damage.

If you’re simply renting the property, then a tenants insurance policy would be a good choice, as this protects your personal contents.

Did you know?

You can typically expect to pay more for townhouse insurance if your property is in a high crime area.

How to save money on townhouse insurance.

Some great ways to save money on townhouse insurance include:

  • Take any steps you can to make your property more secure and less likely to be targeted by thieves or vandals. An alarms and high quality locks are both inexpensive yet effective ways to do this
  • Pay for your policy annually rather than monthly and most insurance providers will offer you a good discount
  • Get quotes from as many insurance providers as possible to prevent overpaying

Did you know?

Accidental damage usually isn’t included as standard and has to be added as an additional type of cover.

Why get townhouse insurance quotes online?

Below are some of the main benefits of getting townhouse insurance quotes online:

  • Easily tailor quotes to your needs
  • No pressure to take out any particular policy
  • Flexible payment options
  • Expert advice
  • Quotes accessible in just minutes

Get Townhouse Insurance Quotes Now!

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Townhouse Insurance FAQs

How much will townhouse insurance cost?

This is hard to say, since every property is different. However some of the main factors insurance providers consider when coming up with a price are –

  • Your location
  • The size of your property
  • How secure it is
  • The level of cover you take out

Can’t I just take out a regular home insurance policy?

Townhouse insurance isn’t always a distinct type of cover and a lot of insurance providers will allow you to take out a standard home insurance policy. However the size and location of your townhouse can affect cost quite a bit, so you might pay a different amount compared to somebody who owns a standard semi-detached property in a rural area.