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A surprising amount of UK residents choose not to have contents insurance as part of their home insurance policy. Given that the average value of contents in UK homes is around £35,000, this is quite a big risk to take.

If you want to get contents insurance at an affordable rate, you can click the green button to get quotes from expert providers now. Otherwise, keep reading to find out more about contents insurance and why it’s a good idea to get it.

Key Points

  • Contents insurance gives you a way to protect almost any type of possession in your home for theft.
  • Adjusting your quotes so they include the exact type of cover you want is a very easy process.
  • Most contents insurance policies won’t include accidental damage but you can get it added if you wish.
  • How much you’ll pay for contents cover comes down to the value of your contents and how secure your property is.

Do I Need Contents Insurance?

Contents insurance isn’t a legal requirement in the same way that building insurance is but that doesn’t mean it’s not important. If the contents of your house needed to be replaced, whether they were stolen or damaged by flooding or fire, then it would likely come at huge personal expense to you if you didn’t have contents insurance in place.

Did you know?

Contents insurance usually covers your contents for theft and damage caused by fire and flooding.

Best ways to save money on contents insurance

You can save money on contents insurance by following these tips:

  • Take any steps to make your home and garage as secure as possible
  • Pay for the policy annually rather than monthly
  • Get quotes from many different insurance providers
  • Look online for special discounts and offers for new customers

Did you know?

Accidental damage isn’t usually included as standard.

The benefits of getting contents insurance quotes online

Getting garage insurance quotes online comes with some key benefits, such as:

  • You can tailor your quotes very easily
  • There’s no pressure to take out a particular policy
  • Getting quotes from multiple providers takes just minutes
  • Pay how you prefer

Get Contents Insurance Quotes The Easy Way!

Getting contents insurance quotes used to be a hassle but that’s no longer the case. Instead of having to call insurance providers individually, you can now simply fill out one form and have quotes from several specialist providers within minutes. Just click the green button to get started now!

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Contents Insurance FAQs

How much will contents insurance cost?

The cost of contents insurance will vary depending on a few key things. The main ones being –

  • The value of your contents
  • Where your property is located
  • How secure the property is

What will contents insurance cover?

Contents insurance will cover most of the contents in your home, including clothes, electronics, furniture and appliances. The main exceptions would be extremely expensive artwork or jewellery. You can can get cover for these items but you’d certainly need to mention that to insurance providers upfront so they can come up with the right price for you.

Will the contents of my garage be covered too?

The contents of your garage will usually be covered under your home insurance policy’s contents protection provided it’s attached to your main property. You can take out an additional garage or outbuilding insurance policy if this is not the case.