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Your garage is just as much part of your house as any other room, however if you use it for something other than a place to store your car, then you might need to take out additional cover to ensure you’re fully protected.

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Key Points

  • Garage insurance is sometimes included in your home insurance policy but this isn’t always the case, especially if it’s not attached to your house.
  • You can get cover for structural damage to the garage as well as covering the contents.
  • You can very easily tailor the quotes you can get so they’re right for your specific circumstances.
  • How much you pay will depend on how you use your garage and the value of its contents.

Garage Insurance Explained

Garage insurance might seem like it’s unnecessary since garages are usually covered by your home insurance policy when attached to your house. However there can be exceptions to this, such as it being a separate building or if it’s being used as a separate room such as an office or games room.

It still might be the case that your garage is covered under the building and contents insurance of your main home insurance policy but it’s important to check the details of this since not every type of item might be covered. It also may not be the case that any damage that occurs to your garage door is covered too.

Did you know?

More people than ever now use their garage as a place to store valuable items, such as gardening equipment; or as a separate room such as an office.

Ways to save money on garage insurance

Some great ways to save money on garage insurance include:

  • Make your garage as secure as you possibly can
  • Shop around for the best quote you can find
  • Consider getting it added as an additional type of cover to your existing home insurance policy
  • Pay for cover upfront rather than monthly

Did you know?

Accidental damage to your garage door usually doesn’t come included as standard with garage insurance.

Main benefits of getting garage insurance quotes online

Great benefits of getting garage insurance quotes online are:

  • Easily tailor quotes to suit your individual needs
  • Get quotes quickly and easily
  • No pressure from insurance agents
  • Flexible payment options

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Garage Insurance FAQs

What will my garage be covered for?

This will depend on whether you have contents insurance as part of your home insurance policy. Most home insurance policies will cover your garage, including if you use at as a home office. This is provided it’s used for personal use and you don’t have people visiting regularly, which does increase the risk factor.

If I damage my garage door accidentally, will it covered?

This will not usually be the case as standard. Most building insurance policies will cover structural damage to your garage (including the door) for things like flooding and fire but accidental damage will usually not to be added as an extra cover option.

Will the contents of my garage be covered for theft?

Provided that your have contents insurance and the reasonable security precautions were taken (i.e. you didn’t leave the garage door unlocked), then yes, your contents should be covered for theft.