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When it comes to self build homes, it’s always a good idea to take out a specialised policy that covers you for all the risks that a standard home insurance policy wouldn’t. Thankfully there are plenty of excellent providers of self build home insurance, so finding a policy that’s perfect for you shouldn’t be a challenge.

In this guide you’ll find out everything you need to know about self build insurance, including the best ways to save money and why getting quotes online is beneficial.

Key Points

  • Self build insurance will protect your property for major risks such as structural damage from extreme weather conditions.
  • You can insure just the building itself or also get contents cover included.
  • Accidental damage isn’t usually included as standard but you can have it added as an additional type of cover.
  • What you pay for self build insurance will depend on the rebuild cost of the house as well as how secure it is and where it’s located.

Who is Self Build Insurance For?

Self build insurance is designed for people who are involved in the construction/planning of a new build home or having a home heavily renovated. Most standard home insurance policies won’t cover issues that arise during construction, so it’s essential to take out a self build policy for full protection.

Did you know?

You can also include contents insurance in a self build policy, which is handy if the project is close to completion and you’ve started moving contents in.

Ways to save money on self build insurance

Below are some ways to save money on self build insurance:

  • Consider paying for the policy upfront rather than on a monthly basis
  • Take any steps you can to secure the premises during construction
  • Get quotes from as many insurance providers as you can

Did you know?

A standard home insurance policy usually won’t provide enough cover for the risks associated with a self build.

Why getting self building insurance quotes online is recommended

Some of the great benefits of getting self build quotes online include:

  • No pressure or hard sell
  • Flexible payment options
  • Easily compare quotes to choose the best one
  • Easily add or remove cover options as needed

Get Self Build Insurance Quotes The Easy Way!

You’re now just a few clicks away from getting self build insurance quotes from a panel of specialist providers. All you have to do is provide some details about your self build and your insurance requirements and you can have your quotes in a matter of minutes.

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Self Build Insurance FAQs

Will I need self build insurance if the contractor provides a warranty?

It’s a still a good idea to take out a self build policy in this case because often a builder’s warranty won’t cover every type of risk you could face. For example if damage were to occur during construction due to a natural disaster, such as flooding.

Will a self build policy cover the cost of materials?

Yes, most self build insurance policies will cover any theft or vandalism of materials, provided you can show that proper security measures are in place, such as fencing and CCTV.

Does the property type matter?

As long as it’s a residential property, you should be able to get cover for any type of self build. If there are any non-standard features that are going to be part of the property though, that might increase risk, then you should let your insurance provider know about this.