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If you have a second home, then it’s important to protect it with a good insurance policy, just as you do your main property. There are several excellent providers of second home insurance who can offer you a policy at competitive rates.

This guide will provide you with all the information you need about second home insurance, including the types of cover available, ways to save money and frequently asked questions.

Key Points

  • Second home insurance is ideal when you have more than one property.
  • If the property is unoccupied for extended periods of time, you can get unoccupied property insurance to protect it.
  • Easily tailor quotes to suit your needs.
  • The cost of second home insurance will depend on the property’s value as well as the location and how secure it is.

A Guide to Second Home Insurance

Second home insurance is a type of cover for people who own a second property that they’re not letting to tenants or holidaymakers i.e. it’s for personal use. Some insurance providers will allow you to add a second property to your main home insurance policy and this can sometimes work out cheaper, so it’s worth enquiring about before looking to take out a separate policy.

That being said, if your current insurance provider doesn’t offer a discount for insuring multiple properties together, then you might be better off taking out separate cover. You can get tailored insurance quotes for second home insurance now by clicking the green button on this page.

Did you know?

Sometimes it’s cheaper and more convenient to insure your second home under the same policy as your main property

Types of Second Home Insurance

Below are some of the main types of cover available with second home insurance –

  • Building insurance- Building insurance will cover your second home for structural damage that might occur as a result of fire, flooding or other types of extreme weather conditions.
  • Contents insurance – This will cover the contents of your second home for theft and accidental damage.
  • Public liability insurance – If a member of the public were injured as a result of your property being unsafe in some way, you’d be covered for liability costs.

Saving money on second home insurance.

You can save money on second home insurance with these tips:

  • Make the property as secure as possible by having security lights, CCTV etc. installed
  • Consider paying for the policy upfront annually instead of monthly
  • Get quotes from several different providers so you can easily compare them and pick the best one

Did you know?

Getting quotes from several providers is a good way to prevent overspending on second home insurance.

Get Second Home Insurance Quotes Now!

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Second Home Insurance FAQs

Is second home insurance the right choice if I have tenants?

No, if you let your property out to tenants or holidaymakers, then you’ll need to get landlord insurance instead. This will cover you for things like liability claims, which second home insurance would not.

Can you insurance any type of building with second home insurance?

Yes, provided it’s a domestic rather than commercial property, it doesn’t matter what type of building it is. You can insure a home, apartment, bedsit, cottage or townhouse with second home insurance.

What if I only use my second home for a few months of the year?

If your second home is used mostly as a holiday home and is left unoccupied for many months at a time, you’ll need to take out unoccupied property property insurance.