If you’re a plumber, electrician or other tradesperson, your livelihood depends on your wheels. Without them, you have no way of transporting your supplies from A to B, meaning you can’t work.

But if you have a conviction, you might be worried about how you can get convicted driver van insurance at a reasonable price. Many mainstream insurance providers either may not be prepared to insure you, or you could find their policies are unaffordable.

Thankfully, there are van insurance providers that specialise in offering policies to people with motoring convictions and criminal convictions van insurance, at a price that won’t break the bank. You can get multiple van insurance quotes for tailored policies from a panel of providers in just a few minutes by filling in a few simple details.

So why do I need van insurance?

It’s the law; when it comes to insurance, driving a van is no different to driving a car. You are required by law to be insured against the possibility of injuring someone or damaging another person’s property. Anyone caught driving a van without insurance faces a fine or a driving van.

What could affect the price of my policy?

  • Vehicle use – whether you use your van to transport your own goods or for hire, this will affect the cost of your insurance premium
  • Security – the more secure your van, the lower your premium. For example, parking it in a garage or on a driveway, or fitting your vehicle with an alarm could reduce the risk of theft. Having goods in transit insurance cover will also protect the contents of your van – worthwhile if you keep expensive goods or tools inside
  • Claims history – any prior claims you have made are likely to raise the cost
  • How you pay ­– paying upfront for a year of insurance rather than with a monthly direct debit usually reduces the cost of your premium
  • Limit the cover – a third party policy will be cheaper than fully comprehensive
  • Convictions – having a prior conviction could raise the price of your policy, as insurers consider you a high risk. However, there are specialist insurers that can offer tailored quotes for people with convictions, at a fair price. Click the button below to get a quote.

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