Drivers with criminal convictions FAQ

Car Insurance for People with Convictions

1. Do I need to disclose my convictions?

You’re required by law to disclose any ‘material facts’ when taking out criminal convictions car insurance and this includes any unspent convictions. The same applies to anyone else who’s covered in the policy, such as your partner or children.

2. What counts as a criminal conviction?

A criminal conviction is any type of crime that you were found guilty of in court. This can be more serious offences that carry a prison term or more petty crimes like theft or fare dodging. No matter how minor you might consider your conviction to be, you must declare it.

3. When should I disclose my convictions?

You must disclose any convictions you have when you take out your insurance policy. If you’re convicted of a crime while holding a policy, you don’t need to mention it until the policy comes up for renewal, unless the policy requires you to do so explicitly.

4. What if my convictions are spent?

You are not obligated to disclose any spent convictions when taking out insurance, even if you’re explicitly asked about them.

5. How do I found out if my convictions are spent?

If you haven’t been informed when your conviction will be spent then you can use this guide.

6. Will I be able to find insurance if I have unspent convictions?

Having unspent convictions will certainly make it more difficult to find car insurance but doesn’t make it impossible. Many mainstream insurance providers will refuse to insure you, but there are some specialist insurance providers that provide cover to people with unspent convictions.

7. How could convictions affect me making a claim?

As long as you declare any unspent convictions upfront, there shouldn’t be a problem. If you withhold an unspent conviction however, your insurance provider could easily make your policy void and demand any money they have paid you in claims, to be returned.

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