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Black Cab Insurance

Types of black cab insurance

  • Road risks – Cover for road risks is the minimum level of cover you’ll need in order to make your cab legal to drive. You can choose from either a third party policy, which only covers other road users; or a comprehensive policy, which will provide full protection for own cab.
  • Liability Claims – Liability claims are something you always need to be prepared for as a black cab driver. You can have public liability insurance added to your policy to protect you from claims.
  • Legal fees – You can also have legal fees added to your policy, to help you fight liability claims.
  • Breakdown assistance – Breakdown assistance is a must when you work as a black cab driver. If you don’t already have cover then you can have it added to your policy for an additional cost.
  • Personal injury – Driving a cab for a living can be dangerous and if you were to suffer an injury or persona trauma, you’d want to know that you’d be compensated if you were unable to work.
  • Loss of licence – If you were to lose your licence for a period of time then loss of licence cover would ensure that you’re compensated until you were able to re-obtain it.

Saving money on black cab insurance

Below are some reliable ways to save money on black cab insurance.

  • Increase excess – Excess is the amount you would pay towards a claim should you have to make one. Increasing excess therefore, is a very good way to reduce the cost of your policy. 
  • Pay upfront – Most insurance providers prefer it if you can pay for your policy on an annual rather than monthly basis and because of this, they will offer you a good discount on the overall cost in most cases.
  • Get a lot of quotes – Getting quotes from a lot of different providers is another good way to save money on black cab insurance since it will enable you to easily compare them and choose the best one.

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