Taxi Drivers’ Summer Problems and How to Solve Them

Everyone loves the summer, right? Especially if the weather is hot and sunny and everyone’s in a great mood? Well, not all of us. In some cases, summer can be a season fraught with problems for a taxi driver, but here we offer some advice on some of the more common problems to enable you to get through the season – with enough cash to pay your private hire taxi insurance – without too much stress.

Hot and bothered passengers

While the warmer weather can make some people happy, it does tend to bring out the grouch in some people. The trick is to try and not give people anything to complain about. Try and turn up on time and ask them if they’d like the windows open or air conditioning on. If you REALLY want to go the extra mile, you might consider carrying a few bottles of water in case they’re really struggling with the heat.

Hot and bothered motorists

Again, it isn’t just passenger that can be a bit short on temper in this weather. You will tend to find other road users less patient as the mercury rises, so be careful (as we’re sure you are!) on the roads and try and avoid getting into any confrontation.

Heat exhaustion

Just like any workplace, your car may get a little overheated, which can take its toll on you. Remember to keep hydrated and fed, and if you really feel like the heat is getting on top of you, you may want to take a break during the hottest parts of the day. Heat exhaustion is a real issue with summers in the UK getting hotter all the time so it’s important to take any measures you can to keep yourself cool while driving in the summer.

Keeping your car fresh

No matter how clean your car is, or your passengers are, having a wealth of warm people in your car is likely to start to whiff after a while. Whilst you may not always want to keep the air con on to avoid it, make sure to regularly air the car out and invest in an odour neutraliser to spray in short bursts after every fare. It may also be worth paying for a valet service more regularly in the summer months to keep your cab fresh.

With all these bases covered, there’s really no reason you should dread the summer months. Why not put on some summery music, a sunny smile, and help spread a little sunshine in your cab this season

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