The Best Apps for Private Hire Drivers

So, you’ve trained up and got your shiny new licence, as well as your private hire taxi insurance, and you’re ready to hit the roads – or are you? With a wealth of technology available, you might not yet quite have all you need to make the best of your time as a private hire driver. Take a look at the apps below and see which ones could benefit you!

Google Maps

Without a doubt, one of the most popular downloads for taxi drivers. Google Maps can get you exactly where you need to go – and it’s free! Never make a wrong turn again with voice control and the most up to date maps we’ve seen on an app.

Fuel Genie

Perfect if your fare takes you to a part of town you’re not familiar with and you’re running short on fuel. This great app will find the nearest petrol station that will take your Fuel Genie card in order to keep you on the roads.

Petrol Prices

If you’ve time – and a bit of fuel – to spare, this great app will compare petrol prices in your area in order to get you the best deal.

Around Me

Again, perfect for times where you’re driving in an unfamiliar area. Find cash machines, restaurants, petrol stations and more – whether for your passengers or for yourself!

Indrix XD Traffic

Want to keep an eye on traffic and find alternative routes? Then Indrix XD is a must have. Voted top by Autotrader, this handy – and accurate – app will give you a heads up on most major traffic problems, allowing you to plan your routes better.


Sounds like a bit of a bizarre one but if you have more than one drop-off on your journey, and several people are putting into the fare, then working out who owes what or how to split it requires a calculator.


If you don’t have a dash cam, this app is the next best thing. Drivermatics even has an SOS button to alert your private hire insurance and breakdown providers should you be involved in an accident. It’s incredibly easy to use too! Some taxi insurance providers may even give a discount.


If you’re a regular on the airport runs, then this hand app will really help you. You can track any flight into the country, so you can be ready and waiting to collect your fare once they’ve arrived off their flight.

With all these apps to help you, you’re sure to be able to make your life as a taxi driver that little bit easier.

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