Dash Cam Benefits for Private Hire Drivers

If you’re a good driver and your drive every day for a living and always abide by the highway code then you probably won’t be in an accident, right? Wrong. Every year, thousands of people are involved in incidents on Britain’s roads and because of the fact that the number of people being injured or killed has risen by 6% in the last year, it’s more important than ever that these situations are correctly documented. But this isn’t the only benefit of dash cams. Here, we bring you some of the others.

Reduce your private hire insurance cost

It is not guaranteed but there is chance having a dash cam could reduce your private hire insurance premiums, as you are protected against anyone wants to make a wrongful claim against you. Also, you can prove to your insurer that an incident wasn’t your fault so that they pay out to cover damages that occurred as a result of the incident. Many insurers are very reluctant to pay out if there is no proof of whose fault it was.

Always make sure that your PCO insurance or private hire taxi insurance providers are aware that you have dash cam(s) when signing up for your policy to ensure that you get the best deal.

Evidence of an accident

Often, when an accident occurs, both perties see a different side of the story. No one wants to be in the wrong and will tell the story differently to the authorities to clear their name. When this happens, simply having a dash cam will be able to prove who was right or wrong in an instant.


Some dash cams obtain a feature called ‘parking mode’. This allows the dash cam to keep filming whilst the car is parked up. So, if another vehicle causes damage to yours or someone tries to break into your car then it is all caught on camera and you will have video evidence.

Report bad driving

You will be able to capture some of the distracted or poor drivers that you see on the road and report it to the local authorities to keep the streets a safer place. This will help reduce the need for using dash cam footage as evidence, as more bad drivers will be taken off the roads and fewer accidents will be caused.

Audio Recording

Some dash cams include a microphone to include audio in the car. This is especially useful for private hire users as any abuse from passengers or clams of abuse against you will be recorded. This is another great way to protect yourself and use against anyone trying to make a claim or tarnish your business’ reputation.

If you are looking at investing in dash cams, then it is a smart move to make. They don’t get in the way and a lot can be gained from making the small investment, they can be fitted to any vehicle easily and bring a number of benefits, no matter what sort of driving you do.

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