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Private Hire Insurance Explained

Private hire insurance options

Below are some of the main cover options you can have included in a private hire insurance policy –

  • Road risks – Road risks insurance is a necessity for any type of vehicle in the UK. You can choose which level of cover you want, with third party only being the cheapest yet also providing the least protection for your own vehicle.
  • Fleet insurance – If you run a taxi firm and want to insure your vehicles together on the same policy then you can do this by getting fleet insurance. Fleet insurance allows you to insure multiple vehicle types together and often works out cheaper than individual policies.
  • Public liability – Public liability insurance will cover you in case a liability claim goes against you.
  • Legal expenses – If you need to fight a liability claim then the legal expenses can add up very quickly. This is why it’s a very good idea to get legal expenses adding to a private hire insurance policy.
  • Loss of licence – If something were to happen where you lost your licence then it could be financially devastating if you didn’t have cover in place to compensate until you were able to get it back.

Ways to save money on private hire insurance

Below are some very good ways you can save money on private hire insurance –

  • Pay upfront – Paying for private hire insurance annually rather than monthly could help you to save a good deal of money overall. It’s true that you pay more at once but most insurance providers will offer you a good discount on the policy for doing this.
  • Hire reliable drivers – If you run a taxi firm then the named drivers on the policy will certainly affect its cost. This is why it’s a good idea to hire reliable drivers who are over 25 and have plenty of driving experience.
  • Get quotes from different insurance providers – Getting quotes from different insurance providers will enable you to compare them easily and pick the one that offers the best value for money.

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