Public Hire Insurance

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  • Fleet Cover For Public Hire Firms
  • Third Party
  • Fully Comprehensive
  • Breakdown Assistance
  • Liability Cover

Public Hire Insurance Explained

Public hire insurance options

  • Road risks – When driving a public hire taxi, you need to ensure that you have cover for road risks by law. A third party policy is the lowest level of cover you can get and will provide protection for other drivers’ vehicles if you’re involved in a collision and are the one to blame for it. A comprehensive policy on the other hand will cover your own vehicles for accidents where you’re to blame too.
  • Fleet insurance – If you have a taxi firm and want to get your vehicles insured together then you can do this with a fleet insurance policy. Fleet insurance enables you to insure vehicles are varying types and values under the same policy so it’s ideal for taxi firms.
  • Loss of licence – If you lost your licence for a period of time then this type of cover will ensure you’re compensated until you can get your licence back.
  • Liability claims – Liability claims pose a substantial threat to taxi drivers and taxi firms nowadays so getting a good amount of public liability cover included in your policy is highly recommended. You can also get legal expenses included.

Saving money on public hire insurance

  • Pay for your policy upfront – Paying for a public hire insurance policy annually rather than monthly isn’t always affordable but if you can do this then you’re in a very good position to negotiate a lower rate with insurance providers.
  • Make your vehicle secure – Taking steps to make your vehicle secure will certainly help to lower the cost of public hire insurance. Most modern vehicles now come with an alarm and immobilizer as standard but you should also think about where you park your vehicle. A driveway or locked garage are much safer than parking on the street.
  • Shop around – When looking for public hire insurance, you should always get a lot of quotes. This way you can compare them and make sure you get a good deal.

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