Taxi Insurance for Uber Drivers

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Taxi Insurance for Uber Drivers

Uber taxis are becoming a more common sight in the UK all the time. In order to work as an Uber driver you must have a private hire driver’s licence as well as your own vehicle and insurance.

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Taxi insurance for Uber drivers – cover options

Uber drivers need to have private hire taxi insurance in order to work legally. Below are the types of cover you can get.

  • Third party – A third party policy will enable you to drive your vehicle legally although it doesn’t provide any protection for your own vehicle unless you get fire and theft included.
  • Comprehensive – A comprehensive policy means your vehicle will be protected for all kinds of collisions, including those that you are liable for. You can also include fire and theft at no extra cost with most insurance providers.
  • Liability claims – If you want to protect yourself from liability claims then you can get public liability insurance included in your policy. You can also have legal fees added to your policy for full protection.
  • Breakdown assistance – You’ll certainly want to make sure you have breakdown cover in place when working as an Uber driver, whether you get it from a third party provider or have it included in your policy.

Saving money on taxi insurance for Uber drivers

  • Make your vehicle secure – You can reduce the cost of your insurance by making your vehicle more secure. Ideally you will have somewhere secure to park your vehicle when not in use too, so as a locked garage or driveway with a gate.
  • Pay for your policy upfront – Paying for your policy annually is another good way you can save money on Uber taxi insurance. Most insurance providers will offer you a decent discount when you pay like this.
  • Get quotes from different providers – If you get a lot of quotes then this can help you save money too. You can get Uber taxi insurance quotes very easily now too.

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