How to Improve Your Uber Driver Rating

There is nothing more stressful than an Uber driver than seeing their driver rating slowly decrease after each shift. On the 5-star scale that passengers rate you on, Uber threaten to deactivate your account if it falls below 4.6 stars. Although many people think that this is an unfair system, and Uber doesn’t do enough to educate passengers how important rating fairly is.

But don’t worry, you will only need to worry once you get a notification from Uber warning you that your account is in danger of activation. Sometimes they will give you around 50 rides to get your rating back up, but no one wants this to happen so it’s essential that you keep your ratings up. After all, your job does literally depend on it.

You should understand that even when you do everything right, there will be someone every now and again that will give you a low rating, but this shouldn’t affect your score too much. But if your score does continue to fall then you are doing something wrong. But identifying the problem is the first step to correcting it.

Only talk to the passenger if they want to

If they seem uncomfortable or give you one-word answers then take that as a sign they don’t want to talk. If they are chatting away with you then keep it light, don’t tell them about your life story. Ask questions about how their day is going and only carry on the conversation if they seem engaged.

Keep your car clean

Make sure that you regularly deep clean the inside and the outside of the car. When a passenger gets out, have a quick check for any rubbish they’ve left behind before the next person gets in. Keep a small bin bag in the front of your car for any small bits of rubbish so you can clean it away quickly. It may also be worth keeping a few cleaning supplies in your cars such as window cleaner, fabric refresher and even a small portable hoover that plugs into your cars USB port.

One of the most important things to keep clean is the windows.

Don’t smoke inside your car

Even if you’re on your break, step well away from the car and don’t smoke inside it – this could affect your Uber driver insurance.

Mount your phone

Don’t let handing your phone be the reasons your rating is dropping and you’re making your passengers feel unsafe. Remember, using a phone while driving is an offence and could void your Uber taxi insurance.

Get the best phone you can afford

Old phones that are slow can lead to errors in the app causing problems picking up and dropping off.

Maintain your car

Make sure there are no broken parts to your car such as a broken wing mirror or squeaky brakes. This will also prevent breakdowns from happening and keep you within the terms of your Uber insurance.

Text passengers instead of calling

If you need to get in to let them know you are there, then it’s much better than calling and annoying them. Only call if you need to if you’re in a busy area or they haven’t responded for a while.

Have charging cables

This is a great way to get a five-star rating, saving the day by letting someone charge their phone is sure to please them and is a great touch.

Using these tips is sure to keep your Uber rating up, allowing you to carry on earning without too much stress.

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