Essential Vehicle Checks for Uber Drivers

When you’re an Uber driver your car is one of the most important assets that you own, which is why you look for Uber insurance UK to cover any issues. So, it stands to reason that keeping it in excellent condition is an essential part of the job. Some people forget that being an Uber driver isn’t just about how clean your car is, or which Uber car insurance you use, but maintenance checks need to be carried out to continue the smooth running of your vehicle to help keep your Uber driver rating at five stars.

Check your oil and fluids

This check should be done every other day. Using your car for an extended amount of time each day will use up screen wash and oil much quicker than you may think. Checking regularly will help you identify any leaks before they do serious damage to your pocket.

Regular oil and filter changes will help to minimise the chances of engine failure and may keep you in the terms of your Uber driver insurance too.

Make sure that the oil you use is made for your car as they all use different types, and don’t forget to have your brake fluid replaced.

Give attention to your cooling system

You should consider flushing your cooling system at least once a year. A good mix would be made up to 50/50 coolant and distilled water, to keep the cooling system in the best shape, and will help to maintain a healthy vehicle.

Wash frequently

This is one of the quickest and best ways that you can keep your car looking good. Using the best car soap and wax will help to maintain your paintwork and help to keep rusting and erosion at bay, and it will also keep your car shiny in the process. Using a jet wash to do this is the safest way, as car wash machines will add small tiny scratches to your paintwork over time.

Take care of your wheel bearings

Every time your car gives you a notification that its ready for a service interval then you should inspect and clean your wheel bearings too. Wheel bearings and grease are relatively cheap in comparison to needing a hub replacement or having your hubcaps roll away down the road in front of you.

Use a lot of grease (and elbow grease!)

Your car needs plenty of grease to survive and live a good life. Every part of the metal on metal mechanics in your car will ensure that there is less wear and tear happening.

Following all these maintenance tips will help your car to pass its MOT with flying colours, meaning you won’t have to be off the road and losing money for any longer than you have to.

There’s no point in having a car if you’re not going to look after it well, and when your job depends on it you need to impress passengers with a well maintained and clean car to get those five-star ratings flooding in.

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