7 Ways Taxi Drivers Can Stay Safe and Lower Taxi Insurance

You probably wouldn’t think so but taxi driving in one of the most precarious of occupations. Think about it logically, they are transporting total strangers at all times of day or night and are trusting those only a foot or so away from them. So how can they safeguard themselves every time somebody new climbs into their cab? Here are just 7 of the ways we have found in which taxi drivers can stay safe while going about their daily business.

The Best Taxi Insurance You Can Afford

Taxi insurance is extremely expensive (both private hire insurance and public hire insurance), there is no denying that, but apart from insuring your car what about yourself as well. If you are attacked at work and unable to work due to your injuries then your whole family could suffer. Personal accident insurance to cover such instances as assault carry with them a higher premium but also peace of mind.

GPS Tracker

Having one of these fitted to your vehicle will always let your control room know where you are. If you are somewhere longer that you should be, or heading somewhere you shouldn’t they can get somebody to you asap to ensure all is well.

Reduce The Risks of Disputes

Agreeing on set fares in advance and not being cheeky by going the long way round will mimise the risks of disputes which can soon turn nasty. There is nothing more likely to incite a dispute more than a customer thinking they have been ripped off so avoid this at all costs.

Don’t Be a Hero

If somebody pulls a knife and demands your cash don’t slam on the central locking and make for the nearest police station, it simply isn’t worth it. If they had no intentions of using that knife once panic and fear takes over they could well start thrashing it about, a nick in the right place from that blade could have dire consequences so just hand it over.

Manage Your Cash Smartly

Do not carry around huge amounts of cash. This may sound easier said than done but swinging past the office regularly and dropping of cash is always a good idea, especially on the late shift and at weekends. This will help cut your taxi insurance

Don’t Do Diversions

If you pick up a fare and they say they want to go somewhere else treat with caution especially if this new route includes unlit areas. Many a tax driver has fallen foul to this ruse and has been attacked and/or his car stolen. If the passenger does this radio into the office and tell them so they know where you are.

Vehicle Modifications

Fitting CCTV cameras and screens between you and your passengers are both known to be proven deterrents when it comes to attacks. The screens can be easily fitted and removed and the CCTV will be undetectable on your dashboard. Another easy way to see exactly what is going on behind you at all times is to fit a convex mirror. You have time to react if the front passenger tries anything but you have no idea what’s going on behind, unless you fit one of these mirrors of course. This and GPS can lower insurance

These tips as well as getting in touch with us can help you lower taxi insurance and save money

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