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A Guide to Newsagents Insurance

newsagents insuranceOne of the most important steps in running a successful business is arranging the appropriate insurance cover to protect your business. Without this insurance, you leave yourself liable for huge financial payouts should your shop be damaged or if a public liability claim arise.

There are many different cover types available for shop insurance but here is an overview of the key options:

  • Buildings cover – If your shop is damaged by flood, theft or malicious damage, any structural repairs or rebuild costs will be covered. Permanent fixtures and fittings are also covered under this option.
  • Contents and stock – This entails any equipment that you have on the shop premises as well as your stock.
  • Public Liability – Accidents happen and it is highly advisable that you take out cover against potential compensation claims from customers who suffer an injury in your shop. It also covers you against any legal fees involved with such claims.
  • Employers’ Liability – If you employ staff to work in your shop, you can take out cover against claims they may pursue if they are injured whilst working in the shop.
  • Cash – You will obviously have cash stored on the premises most of the time and there is a risk that this money could be stolen.
  • Goods in Transit – Your stock could be damaged or stolen whilst being delivered so this type of cover will protect you against this possibility.
  • Business Interruption – Should your shop have to close due to damage from flood or fire, this type of cover will ensure that you still receive your regular takings until the shop is ready to open again.
  • Front of Premises – If your shop front is damaged e.g. the window glass is smashed or cracked, this will cover you to get it repaired.

This is just a selection of the insurance options available that you should consider as a Newsagent. All businesses are unique in terms of location, revenue, number of employees, value and amount of stock etc so it is important to find an insurance policy that takes your unique circumstance into account.

Getting Quotes the Easy Way

There was a time when you’d have to phone each insurance provider individually if you wanted to get a lot of quotes. Luckily this is no longer the case. In fact by clicking the red button below you’ll be able to have access to quotes from a panel of newsagent insurance specialists within minutes.