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  • Building Insurance
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  • Goods in Transit
  • Contents and Stock Insurance
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A Guide to Camera Shop Insurance

Camera Shop Insurance imageIf you own or run a Camera Shop you will be more than aware of the risks to your business and how it is important to arrange adequate insurance to protect your shop. Selling cameras and associated equipment means that you will probably have a very expensive stock value, so insurance is key to ensuring that you stay in business should an accident or other peril affect your shop.

What types of insurance cover should I consider?

As a business owner, you will want to understand the full range of cover options available and work out what options are best for your own shop.

Some of the cover options are:

  • Public Liability – This basically covers you against any claims from customers who have an accident in your shop. If a customer suffers a serious injury, the compensation claim and associated legal fees could potentially put you out of business so this is a key insurance option.
  • Employers Liability – Similarly, one of your employees may be injured whilst working for you and could therefore be entitled to claim compensation against you. Again, depending on the severity of the injury this could have a very high financial impact on you and your business.
  • Buildings – If you own the premises you will probably want to insure yourself against any damage caused to the building through flood, fire or malicious damage. There is a possibility that your shop may need to be completely rebuilt so it is crucial that the policy limit covers the total rebuild costs.
  • Contents and stock – This covers a large range of items from your cameras and accessories to furniture and any office equipment. It covers against theft as well as damage, so if your shop is targeted by thieves, your insurance company will take care of replacing the items.
  • Cash – Any cash that you have on the premises could be stolen but if you select this cover your insurance company will re-compensate you.
  • Goods In Transit – Damage and theft can occur when stock is being delivered and with expensive stock, it is well advised that you take out this option.

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