A Guide to Pet Shop Insurance

Pets are an important part of the family and if you run a Pet Shop, you will know how important it is to protect your customers and yourself against any risks. Your business is fairly unique in that you are selling live pets and therefore it is really important that your insurance company fully understands your business and the risks involved.

It is advisable to spend some time evaluating your insurance options to ensure that you do not regret taking out a policy that does not cover you for possible eventualities.

All of your circumstances will be taken into account when being assessed by the panel of insurance providers. Here are some of the key insurance options available to Pet Shop owners:

  • Buildings Cover – This option covers you for potential large pay outs to repair your shop if it is damaged by fire, flood or malicious damage. In some cases a shop may need to be completely rebuilt so it is vital that you have insurance that that covers the full cost of such an incident.
  • Contents and stock cover – This covers a wide range of things; from your goldfish to your equipment. There are many different perils that your shop could be affected by such as theft, fire and other aspects that pets can be affected by. For example, if you had an electricity failure, you would want to be covered for any subsequent damage that this could cause.
  • Public Liability – If any of your customers suffer any injury whilst in your shop, they may wish to seek compensation against you and this would also entail legal fees. Given that these types of claims can run into millions of pounds, depending on the extent of the injury, it is highly advisable that you cover yourself against this risk.
  • Employers’ Liability – If you have employees working in your shop, they too may have an accident that causes an injury. This cover will protect you against compensation claims and legal fees associated to the claim.
  • Cash – You can protect yourself against theft of cash stored on your premises, either in your till or in a safe. This will cover you against both employee theft and any other types of theft you may be subjected to.
  • Good in Transit – This protects you against any damages incurred whilst your stock is being transported as accidents can often happen whilst moving stock from one place to another.

Getting Quotes is Quick & Easy

Getting quotes for your pet shop insurance is now very quick and easy to do. By simply filling out one form you’ll have access to multiple quotes from a panel of pet insurance specialists. This is ideal as it gives you a great idea of the price you should be paying. Just click the green button below to get started and get access to your quotes