If you’re looking for courier van insurance, you may need some help for choosing on it. Courier insurance is a necessity for businesses in the realm and here are the tips that can get you the right coverage at the right time.

1. Insure Your Van Even If It’s Not Being Driven

It’s important that you realize the government has been cracking down in some countries on vans that are not insured even if they’re not driven. There are fines that are in place, so if you do not want the van any longer, you should try to sell it or you need to get coverage since the fine can easily run into the hundreds of pounds

2. Only Get The Coverage You Need

Many insurance companies are going to try to get you to have more coverage than you need so they can make more money. This can be avoided if you look at the options they have and think through the situations in which you’d need to utilize them. If you find that you don’t need, for instance, full coverage and just want liability insurance, then don’t give in to any sales tactics and get what you need.

3. Be Sure You Have Tools For Evidence Collection

When you get into an accident, to make a claim you’re going to need proof that it was not your fault in most cases. You should have a camera in your vehicle, or just have a phone with you that is equipped with one. After an accident, you’re going to need to show pictures of the damage, and also will need to have receipts that show the company what the damage looked like and cost.

4. Make Claims Right Away

Do not wait too long after you have a problem to make an insurance claim. Get the police reports, medical bills, and everything else that will serve as evidence in place to give to the insurance company. Always make it a point to do this as soon as you can, even if you have to get help because you’ve been in the hospital. The quicker you can do this, the faster they can approve your claim so you can get back what you deserve.

5. Work With The Insurance Company When You Have Late Bills

Sometimes you may not have the ability to pay your bill and think it’s okay to just wait. Don’t do so, because that may result in them ending your coverage. Instead, you can work out a payment plan and make it clear that you’re willing to work with them to get your bills paid off. Hiding out can end not only in your coverage getting canceled, it can also harm your credit score.

You need to get courier van insurance if you’re a driver and need to make money through deliveries. This way, if something were to happen, such as an accident, it will be covered. Never drive without insurance because of accidents and the fact that it’s not legal to do so in most places.