Courier Van Insurance

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  • Third Party & Comprehensive Policies
  • Fire & Theft
  • Liability Claims
  • Van Fleet Insurance
  • Breakdowns
  • Goods in Transit

Courier Van Insurance

Courier van insurance types

  • Road risks – You always need to get road risks as a minimum type of cover with any courier insurance policy. You can choose from the usual options i.e. third party only; third party, fire and theft; and fully comprehensive.
  • Goods in transit  – Goods in transit insurance is another very important type of cover. It will ensure that if the contents you transport are protected for theft and damage.
  • Public liability – Liability claims are always a risk for courier firm so it’s important to have cover included in your policy. You can also have legal fees included.
  • Breakdown assistance – The vast majority of insurance providers will also give you the option to have breakdown assistance included in your policy, which is a very useful type of additional cover.
  • Windscreen repair – Windscreen repair is another type of additional cover you can get.

Things that affect the cost of courier van insurance

  • Number of vans to be insured – The number of vans you have to insure will affect the cost of your insurance policy. If you’re an owner driver with just a single van to insure then this is of course not an issue.If you have multiple vans to insure then you can get a courier fleet insurance policy.
  • Level of cover – The level of cover you seek out will also affect the cost of your policy. If you’re looking to get cover at the cheapest rate then a basic third party only policy is the cheapest option. 
  • Named drivers – The named drivers on the policy will also impact on its cost. Insurance providers look at the age, driving experience, claims history and convictions of any named drivers. This is why courier firms usually look to hire drivers who are considered low risk by insurance providers.
  • Van security – How secure the vans named on the policy are will impact cost too. Therefore if you want to keep costs to a minimum you should take steps to make your vehicles as secure as possible. This includes parking them securely.

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