5 Ways to Make Your Courier Business More Profitable

If you run a courier business then you’ll know that the industry is extremely competitive. Low profit margins and long hours are the reality of the industry and many new courier firms find it difficult to turn a decent profit. If you are struggling to make your courier business profitable then below are 5 great tips to help you turn things around.

1. Offer customers what they want

It’s very easy to become complacent no matter what type of business you run. If you have a steady stream of customers then you might assume they’ll never go elsewhere but this isn’t true. People are always looking to get the best service and if they feel you’re not going the extra mile then you could easily lose their business. Think about what additional services you could offer or ways to make your current services better. Keeping customers constantly informed of the progress of their delivery is always appreciated. You can now do this by sending automated updates to your customers by text quite easily.

2. Think of creative ways to advertise your business online

Social media can be a great way to drum up new business. Consider offering promotions or just using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in creative ways to get the word out about your business.

3. Don’t neglect real world advertising

There’s some much emphasis placed on SEO and social media marketing nowadays that it’s easy to forget about real world advertising methods, such as flyers, business cards and print ads. These can all be very effective ways to advertise your courier business and get new customers. When creating flyers or print ads for your business, be sure to push the unique benefits of your service and offer incentives to new customers.

4. Hire great drivers

Your drivers are who you’re customers are going to be interacting with most of the time. Therefore it stands to reason that you want to hire reliable, friendly and helpful drivers if you want to create the best possible impression with customers.

5. Try to save money wherever possible

The reason your company’s profits are poor might not necessarily be because you don’t have enough customers but because your expenditure is too high. In order to address this problem, you should look for ways to save money in your business. One excellent way to do this is by reducing the cost of your insurance. Courier insurance is one of the biggest expenses for courier firms but there are some key ways that you can reduce that cost while still being properly protected.


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