Courier Motorcycle Insurance

Courier Motorcycle Insurance

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What is motorbike courier insurance?

With motorbike courier insurance you are covered to transport goods (or food) for business purposes using your motorcycle.

Motorbike courier insurance can cost more than a normal motorcycle insurance policy as insurers deem couriers to be a higher risk. A motorbike courier will use their bike more often and work to strict deadlines than riders who primarily use their motorbikes for pleasure or commuting.

Who needs motorcycle courier insurance?

If you use your motorcycle for work and you transport goods for a fee then you need a motorbike courier insurance policy.

Although it can cost more than a standard policy you need to ensure you have the correct cover to avoid any issues in the event of a claim.

Whether you’re a food delivery driver or or you transport parcels for a living, you will need motorcycle courier insurance.

Motorcycle courier insurance takes into account:

  • High regular mileage
  • Multiple stops during the course of a journey
  • Varying value and type of goods carried

Courier Motorcycle Insurance

Types of courier motorcycle insurance

Below are some of the main types of cover you can get with a motorcycle courier insurance policy which makes up a part of your courier insurance portfolio –

  • Third party – Third party insurance will provide enough cover so that you can drive your motorcycle legally. If you want more protection for your own vehicle however, then you might consider getting a comprehensive policy.
  • Comprehensive – A comprehensive policy provides cover for your motorcycle, even for collisions where you’re at fault. It also usually includes cover for theft and fire.
  • Goods in transit – Goods in transit insurance will provide cover for the goods you transport and will ensure that you are compensated for their value if they’re stolen or damaged.
  • Breakdown assistance – Breakdown assistance is a very useful type of additional cover you can get included with a courier motorcycle insurance policy.

Ways to save money on courier motorcycle insurance

Below are some great ways to save money on courier motorcycle insurance –

  • Increase excess – Increasing the excess you’d pay in the event of a claim is a very easy way to reduce what you pay upfront for your insurance.
  • Get a limited mileage policy – If you only work as a courier part-time then you can save money by getting a limited mileage policy. This is where you and your insurance provider agree to a certain number of miles that you will stay below. This helps to reduce the chance of you making a claim and therefore means insurance providers can offer you a lower price for your insurance.
  • Have somewhere secure to park – Where your motorcycle is parked when not in use will certainly affect how much your insurance costs. Ideally you would have a locked garage to keep it in as this will help to reduce the risk of theft and vandalism significantly. Bikes that are parked on the street are at the greatest risk and therefore you can expect to pay more in this scenario.

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