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Key questions to ask yourself

When you’re looking to develop yourself as a freelance courier, there are certain key questions you need to ask yourself. Some of the most fundamental questions include –

  • Will I be able to get enough business? – This is key. If you cannot get enough business as a courier then you won’t be able to sustain yourself. The courier market is often thought of as being saturated but in truth there is always space providing you can stand out from the crowd by offering a reliable service.
  • Where will I find clients? – This is another thing you need to think about. Finding clients when you first start out can be a big challenge but once you’ve got a regular client base then you’ll likely get a lot of repeat work.
  • Am I prepared to work irregular hours? – Working as a freelance courier often means working outside the usual 9-5 bracket. Courier often work well into the evening and often also work during holidays, including over Christmas. You should think if this is something you’re happy to do.
  • Do I have the money to invest in a van and its upkeep? – Even smaller used vans can be quite expensive to buy and run so you should definitely make sure you’re able to afford it before taking the plunge.

Other considerations

  • Fuel costs – Spending a lot of hours on the road means your fuel costs are going to be significant and as a freelance courier you’ll need to foot the cost. It’s a good idea to work out roughly how many hours you will spend on the roads each week and calculate the amount you’ll need to spend on fuel.
  • Courier insuranceIn addition to the cost of fuel and road tax, you’ll also need to get a van courier insurance policy. Courier insurance will not only protect your van and make it legal for you to drive but also cover the goods you transport for theft, loss and damage.

Get courier insurance quotes

One of the first things you need to do as a freelance courier is make sure that you have the right cover. Getting courier insurance quotes is thankfully no longer the hassle it once was. In order to get quotes now from a panel of courier insurance specialists, simply click the green quote button below. After you’ve provided some information about yourself and the policy you need, you’ll then have access to your quotes.