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Get Peace of Mind on the Road with the Right Named Driver Car Insurance

Car insurance for young and new drivers can often be very expensive, prohibitively so for some people. In this case, getting a named driver insurance policy can be an excellent way to keep costs down. A named driver insurance policy is a type of multi-driver policy where there’s a main driver and named driver. The main driver would be the one doing the bulk of the driving, with any named drivers being the ones who use the car less frequently.

Named driver car insurance can be a great way for teenagers to get car insurance at a rate that’s affordable. However it’s important to be honest with insurance providers about how much the named drivers will be using the car as it could void the policy otherwise. If you want to get named driver insurance quotes now, simply click the green button.

Did you know…?

Named driver insurance allows multiple drivers to be insured on the same policy. This can be a great way to get affordable cover when a standalone policy is too expensive.

Why Named Driver Car Insurance Could Be The Perfect Choice

Named driver car insurance can make getting cover for young and/or new drivers that much more affordable. It will still make the vehicle road legal and in the case of fully comprehensive insurance, provide full protection for your car.

Levels Of Available Cover For Named Driver Car Insurance

The type of car insurance you opt for will determine the level of coverage you secure. The main types available in the UK include:

  • Third-Party Only Insurance: This is the most fundamental form of car insurance and is the minimum legal requirement in the UK. It takes care of injuries to others and damage to other people's property, but it does not cover any damage to your own vehicle.
  • Third-Party, Fire and Theft Insurance: This includes everything within Third-Party Only coverage, with additional coverage against the loss or damage of your car due to fire and theft.
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance: This offers the highest level of coverage. It includes all elements from the Third-Party, Fire and Theft policy, and might also assist in covering the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle, regardless of the cause of the accident.

Did you know…?

The main driver on named driver policy is the one who does the bulk of the driving. This is often a parent in the case of a teenager being the named driver.

Why You Should Get Named Driver Car Insurance Quotes

Getting Named Driver Car Insurance quotes is always a good idea and below are some reasons why.

  • Comparison websites offer cost-effectiveness by allowing side-by-side comparison of quotes and policies, ensuring transparency in prices and features for informed decision-making.
  • These services don't require commitment or purchase; they can be used as research tools.
  • Operating independently of specific insurers, these sites provide unbiased assessments to help users find the best policy.
  • Some comparison websites offer renewal reminders to help customers seize savings opportunities.
  • They promote competition among insurers, often leading to better pricing options.
  • Robust security measures are employed to ensure data security, so users need not worry about their information's safety.

Optional Cover For Named Driver Car Insurance

Additional types of cover for Named Driver Car Insurance include –

  • Courtesy Car Cover: If your car's in the repair shop after an accident, you won't be left without wheels. This cover ensures you're provided with a courtesy car.
  • Uninsured Driver Protection: If an uninsured driver has a bash at your vehicle, this cover ensures you're not left picking up the bill, covering your excess and safeguarding your no claims discount.
  • Child Car Seat Cover: After an accident, this cover can replace any child car seats, even if they don't appear to be damaged.
  • Windscreen Cover: This cover ensures your windscreen is protected against any damage, keeping your view of the road unobstructed.
  • Breakdown Cover: If your car breaks down, this add-on ensures you're not left stranded, providing roadside assistance when you need it.
  • No Claims Discount Protection: Making a claim doesn't mean losing your no claims discount. This cover keeps it intact, ensuring lower premiums in the future.
  • Legal Cover: If you're involved in a legal dispute related to a road incident, this provides financial protection against any potential legal costs.
  • Foreign Use Cover: Taking your car on an international adventure? This ensures your cover extends abroad, offering the same level of protection you'd have at home.
  • Key Cover: Lost your keys or got them nicked? This cover handles the cost of replacing them and even covers the locksmith's fees.
  • Misfuelling Cover: A simple mistake like filling up with the wrong fuel can be costly. This cover helps you manage the repair costs.
  • Excess Protection Cover: Making a claim shouldn't be a financial stress. This cover handles the cost of your excess, so you won't be out of pocket when you need it most.
  • Personal Accident Cover: In the unfortunate event of a severe accident, this provides a financial safety net, covering you or any named driver for certain injuries.

Did you know…?

Getting quotes can help you save money on named driver insurance.

How You Can Keep The Cost Of Named Driver Car Insurance Down

You can easily save money on Named Driver Car Insurance in the ways below.

  • Limit Optional Extras: While optional extras can provide valuable additional coverage, they also add to the cost of your premium. Make sure any extras you choose are truly necessary.
  • Add a Named Driver: Adding a more experienced driver to your policy could reduce your premiums, especially for younger or less experienced drivers. Be aware that the main driver must be the person who drives the most, as falsely declaring this (fronting) is illegal.
  • Consider Insurance When Buying a Car: If you're in the market for a new car, consider insurance costs before finalising your purchase. Cars are categorised into insurance groups based on factors like repair costs and performance – higher group ratings usually mean higher insurance premiums.
  • Check for Discounts: Always check if the insurer offers any specific discounts. For example, some insurers may offer discounts for buying online, being a member of a certain profession, or belonging to a certain organisation.
  • Pay Annually: If you can afford to pay your premium in one annual lump sum, you may find it's cheaper than spreading the cost monthly, which often involves interest charges.
  • Improve Security: Installing approved security devices like an alarm or immobiliser can lower your insurance cost, as it reduces the risk of your car being stolen.

Compare Named Driver Car Insurance Quotes Now!

This comparison tool is a game-changer when it comes to finding the right car insurance. Here's the drill:
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  • Next, they'll ask for your vehicle's specifics - the more detailed, the better.
  • Then, you should key in your current insurance details - it helps them serve you better.
  • And there you go, specialist insurance providers will soon be in touch with customised quotes.

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Named Driver Car Insurance FAQs

Is it possible for a learner driver to be added as a named driver?

Yes, you can add a learner driver to a named driver policy, provided it’s not they’re car and they’re not the main driver.

Is named driver car insurance cheaper?

It’s often the case that named driver insurance is cheaper, particularly for teenagers and new drivers.

What other factors affect cost?

The risk profile of each driver on the policy is a big factor that insurance providers consider, as is age, location and usage.