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Protect Your Journey: Choosing the Right Mitsubishi Delica Car Insurance

For practicality, it’s hard to beat the Mitsubishi Delica when it comes to Japanese import cars. As well as having plenty of space for passengers, it also has a reputation for being incredibly tough and suitable for driving in many conditions, making it a popular choice with UK motorists.

If you have a Mitsubishi Delica then it’s important that you protect it by getting the right type of insurance.

Did you know…?

Getting cover from specialist providers is one of the best ways to save money on car insurance.

The Importance of Getting Mitsubishi Delica Car Insurance

A good insurance policy will protect your Mitsubishi Delica for risks such as collisions, theft, fire and vandalism. It will also ensure that your vehicle is legal to drive.

The Main Types Of Mitsubishi Delica Car Insurance

The kind of car insurance you pick will dictate the degree of safeguarding you receive. The main options obtainable in the UK are:

  • Third-Party Only Insurance: This is the most fundamental form of car insurance and fulfils the least legal requirement in the UK. It provides coverage for injuries to others and damage to other people's property but excludes any damage to your vehicle.
  • Third-Party, Fire and Theft Insurance: This encompasses everything in Third-Party Only insurance, but with added protection against loss or damage to your vehicle from fire or theft.
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance: This is the highest level of cover available. It integrates everything from the Third-Party, Fire and Theft policy, and might also cover the cost of repairing or replacing your car, regardless of whether the accident was your fault or not.

Did you know…?

Important vehicles such as the Mitsubishi Delica can be more costly to insure so it's important to take steps to keep costs down.

Why You Should Get Mitsubishi Delica Car Insurance Quotes Online

There are many great reasons to get Mitsubishi Delica Car Insurance quotes online. Some of the main ones being –

  • They allow customisation of search results based on individual needs, such as coverage type and excess amount, for a personalised experience.
  • These services don't require commitment or purchase; they can be used as research tools.
  • They promote competition among insurers, often leading to better pricing options.
  • Users can take note of extras included in some policies, like breakdown cover and legal protection.
  • Insurance comparison websites provide guidance and simplify the overwhelming process of looking for insurance.
  • The real-time comparison of prices from various insurers aids in making an informed decision.

Mitsubishi Delica Car Insurance - Additional Cover Options

Excellent additional Mitsubishi Delica Car Insurance cover options include –

  • Legal Cover: Get tangled up in a road-related legal dispute? This cover is your financial shield against any legal costs that might occur.
  • Uninsured Driver Protection: If your vehicle gets hit by an uninsured driver, this cover ensures you're not left in a financial lurch, covering your excess and preserving your no claims discount.
  • Excess Protection Cover: If you need to make a claim, this cover absorbs the cost of your excess, so you don't feel the pinch in your wallet.
  • Breakdown Cover: This add-on comes to the rescue when your car breaks down, offering roadside assistance for a worry-free journey.
  • Windscreen Cover: This cover guards your windscreen against damage, ensuring your view of the road is always as clear as a bell.
  • Misfuelling Cover: Made a blooper by putting the wrong fuel in your car? This cover protects you against the cost of any repairs.
  • No Claims Discount Protection: Even if you have to make a claim, this cover ensures that your no claims discount stays put, helping you keep your future premiums lower.
  • Key Cover: Misplaced your car keys or had them pinched? This cover sorts out the cost of a new set and even the locksmith's charges.
  • Foreign Use Cover: Dreaming of a drive abroad? This extends your cover to foreign lands, providing you the same level of protection as at home.
  • Personal Accident Cover: In the grim event of a severe accident, this cover provides a financial buffer for you or any named driver, covering certain injuries.
  • Courtesy Car Cover: After an accident, if your car is in the garage for repairs, this cover makes sure your daily routine isn't affected by providing a courtesy car.
  • Child Car Seat Cover: Should an accident occur, this cover provides funds for replacing any child car seats, regardless of visible damage.

Did you know…?

You can get additional types of cover such as breakdown assistance liability claims.

Mitsubishi Delica Car Insurance - Keeping Costs Down

You can save money on Mitsubishi Delica Car Insurance in the following ways –

  • Limit Optional Extras: While optional extras can provide valuable additional coverage, they also add to the cost of your premium. Make sure any extras you choose are truly necessary.
  • Add a Named Driver: Adding a more experienced driver to your policy could reduce your premiums, especially for younger or less experienced drivers. Be aware that the main driver must be the person who drives the most, as falsely declaring this (fronting) is illegal.
  • Consider Insurance When Buying a Car: If you're in the market for a new car, consider insurance costs before finalising your purchase. Cars are categorised into insurance groups based on factors like repair costs and performance – higher group ratings usually mean higher insurance premiums.
  • Check for Discounts: Always check if the insurer offers any specific discounts. For example, some insurers may offer discounts for buying online, being a member of a certain profession, or belonging to a certain organisation.
  • Pay Annually: If you can afford to pay your premium in one annual lump sum, you may find it's cheaper than spreading the cost monthly, which often involves interest charges.
  • Improve Security: Installing approved security devices like an alarm or immobiliser can lower your insurance cost, as it reduces the risk of your car being stolen.

Get Mitsubishi Delica Car Insurance Quotes Now!

Compare and save, finding the perfect car insurance is as easy as pie. Just follow these steps:
  • Begin by entering your personal details - rest assured, they value your privacy.
  • Next, share your vehicle's details - this helps them match you with the best options.
  • Provide the specifics of your existing insurance - it's essential for precise recommendations.
  • Wait and see as specialist insurance providers come forward with customised quotes.

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Mitsubishi Delica Car Insurance FAQs

What are the best types of cover to get for a Mitsubishi Delica?

It’s essential to get third party only cover as a minimum but you might consider getting a higher level of cover if you want protection for your own vehicle, since third party will only cover other road users.

You can also get additional types of cover like breakdown assistance and windscreen repair.

Is the Mitsubishi Delica expensive to insure?

They can be more expensive than more common minivans but you can usually still find a policy at an affordable rate.

Are there any ways to reduce costs?

You can keep costs down by getting a lot of quotes, increasing the excess on your policy and paying annually rather than monthly.