Japanese Import Car Insurance

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Choose from a panel of specialist Japanese import car insurance providers who can offer:

  • Discounts for Secure Garaging and Restricted Mileage
  • Insurance Based on Agreed Values
  • Cover for Laid-Up Vehicles
  • Insurance by Chassis Number
  • Insurance Without the Need for a Registration Number

Are you grappling with the complexities of acquiring insurance for your Japanese import car? Understandably, these vehicles are classified as ‘grey imports,’ which can make finding suitable coverage a challenge.
Don’t worry – this guide offers helpful insights on how to navigate through Japanese import car insurance, addressing key factors that could influence your rates and guiding you in selecting an appropriate provider.

Ready for a smoother ride along the insurance highway? Let’s dive in!

Key Points

  • Japanese import cars can be covered by different insurance types. These include full cover, fire and theft cover, and third-party only cover.
  • Things like age, driving skill, car changes, and how a car is stored change the cost of insurance.
  • Some firms know how to insure Japanese import cars very well. Look for them when shopping for insurance.
  • Use comparison websites to find the best deal on your car’s insurance. Also ask people in auto clubs or online forums what they think.

Japanese Import Car Insurance Coverage

This section dives into the varying types of coverage offered under Japanese import car insurance, such as comprehensive insurance for all-round protection, third-party fire and theft insurance for incidents beyond your control, and the most basic type – third-party only insurance.

Did you know?

Some specialist providers offer insurance based solely on the chassis number of your Japanese import car, eliminating the need for a UK registration number.

Comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive insurance gives you full coverage. If your Japanese import car gets hurt in any way, this plan will cover it. It can pay for fixes if your car is hurt in a crash, fire or flood.
It can also help replace your car if it’s stolen. Sometimes, comprehensive insurance might cost less than other plans. But with an imported car like yours, the costs might go up. This happens because these cars don’t always meet EU rules fully and they are seen as risky by the ones who give out insurance plans.

Also, parts for these cars from Japan may cost more and be hard to get here which bumps up the price too. If you change anything about your car after getting it from Japan, that could make the cost even higher!

Third-party fire and theft insurance

Third-party fire and theft insurance is a must for Japanese import cars. This type of cover pays you if your car gets stolen or goes up in flames. It also covers damage you cause to other people’s vehicles or property.
Insurance providers see these cars as high risk due to the non-European Union (EU) standards and unknown quality. As a result, they charge more for this coverage than for UK-registered vehicles.

Despite the higher cost, it gives peace of mind knowing that you are protected against such damages or loss.

Third-party only insurance

Third-party only insurance is one option for your Japanese import car. But it might cost more. It covers harm to other people or damage to their stuff caused by your car. Still, this kind of cover does not pay for any harm that happens to your own vehicle.
Some insurers see import cars as higher risk. This may push up the price of third-party only cover. If you tweak and change parts on your Japanese import car, the insurance could go up even more! So, it’s smart to ask different insurers for quotes before you choose a plan.

Factors Affecting Insurance Rates

Various elements influence the cost of your Japanese import car insurance, including your age and driving experience. Your vehicle’s modification status can affect rates, as insurers may deem modified cars riskier to insure.
The history of the car’s importation can also impact pricing – for example, new imports might command higher premiums. Lastly, how you store and secure your imported car is a crucial consideration; insurer favour vehicles kept in secure locations with robust security measures in place.

Age and driving experience

Your age and how long you have been driving can change your car insurance cost. In general, younger people who just started driving pay more for their insurance. Insurance firms think they pose a larger risk than older drivers with lots of experience.
This is not set in stone, though; if an older person has a bad driving record, their cost might go up too. Your age and driving background are big parts of how much you pay for Japanese import car insurance.

If you are young or new to driving, expect to spend more due to the higher perceived risk insurers place on these factors.

Vehicle modifications

Changes to your car can lead to higher insurance costs. This is true for Japanese import cars too. Parts for these cars often cost more and may need shipping from Japan. This adds up and makes the insurance price go higher.
It’s tough to find mechanics in the UK who know how to fix Japanese import cars. This fact also pushes up the cost of insurance. Your car might not meet all EU rules if it comes from Japan, so this raises your premium further still.

Did you know?

Japanese import cars are often categorised as ‘grey imports,’ which can make them more challenging to insure due to their non-European Union standards.

Insurers think these cars pose more risk because their quality isn’t known, leading to even higher premiums yet again.

Importation history

Japan is a place where lots of cars come from. These imported cars are not always from Europe. So, they fall into a group we call “grey imports”. Some insurance companies are wary of these non-EU vehicles.
They might not give cover for them. But that does not mean you cannot insure your Japanese import car at all! It just means some places might say no.

Over time, grey market imports have been seen more often on our roads. People love the style and tech in these imported automobiles. Yet, the rise in number also made insurers take notice of them differently.

These factors play a part when figuring out how much to charge for insuring these kinds of cars.

Storage and security measures

Your car’s storage and security measures matter for insurance rates. Japanese import cars are often seen as risky by insurers. So, they check how you store your car and what kind of security systems you use.
If parts for these cars cost more, safe storage stops theft or damage to them. It could be hard to find a mechanic who knows about Japanese imports in the UK. Here again, keeping the car safe is key.

To balance higher insurance costs, it might help to have better storage and security plans for your vehicle. These steps can be good for vehicle protection that lowers risk assessment results from insurers.

Finding the Right Insurance Provider

In your search for Japanese import car insurance, specialist companies are a valuable resource due to their deep understanding of the market. Comparison websites may also prove beneficial by providing an overview of available plans and costs.
Meanwhile, seeking recommendations from car clubs and forums can provide insights based on personal experience with various providers.

Specialist insurance companies

Specialist insurance companies can help you. They know a lot about Japanese import cars. These firms grasp the risks tied to import cars well. Your car might have costly parts or need special care.
Ask these companies for help when picking your policy. They can often offer better deals than regular insurers. This is because they know how to set prices based on real risk, not just the fact that the car is an import.

Choosing specialist insurance companies also means more options for coverage. You may find plans that cover expensive imported parts and mechanic fees too!

These firms make finding good cover for your Japanese import car easy and worry-free.

Did you know?

Certain insurance providers offer policies based on agreed values for Japanese import cars, providing a more tailored approach to coverage.

Comparison websites

Comparison websites can be incredibly useful when trying to find the right insurance provider for your Japanese import car. These platforms gather and compare quotes from various insurance providers, allowing you to easily compare prices, policy details, and coverages side by side.

  • They save you time and effort as they do all the tedious work of gathering quotes from different insurers.
  • These websites allow you to get a broad perspective on the market and the different prices available.
  • Using a comparison site can help you find the most affordable and suitable insurance for your Japanese import car.
  • Many comparison websites also offer customer reviews and ratings, providing additional insight into the service quality of different insurers.
  • Some comparison websites provide additional services, such as policy management tools or reminders for when your policy is about to expire.

While comparison websites are a valuable tool, it is important to still do your research. Some insurers may not be included on these platforms. Make sure to always read the terms and conditions of any policy before purchasing, to ensure it truly meets your needs.

Recommendations from car clubs and forums

Car clubs and forums are great spaces to get tips. People often share their thoughts on the best insurers for Japanese import cars. They talk about costs, service and how they handle claims.
You can learn a lot from them. Ask questions to get more details if needed. Remember not all advice will fit your needs perfectly. Some cars may be seen as riskier than others. Grey imports might face more issues with insurance because of unknown quality or costly imported parts for repairs.

Get Japanese Import Car Insurance Today – Compare and Save!

Getting insurance for a Japanese imported car is not hard. You just need to look in the right place. Make sure to check several offers and pick what suits you best. Happy driving!

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Japanese Import Car Insurance FAQs

What is Japanese import car insurance?

Japanese import car insurance gives you cover if your vehicle comes from Japan.

Do all insurers provide cover for Japanese imports?

No, not all insurers offer cover for Japanese imports so it’s important to shop around.

Is the insurance cost higher for a Japanese import car?

Often, insuring a Japanese import can be more costly due to factors like spare parts and repair methods.

Can I get fully comprehensive cover for my imported vehicle?

Yes, many insurers will allow you to have fully comprehensive cover on an imported vehicle.

How can I reduce the cost of my policy on my imported car?

You can help cut costs by using security features, keeping mileage low or parking in a secured location.