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Health warnings on cars


Health warnings on cars

A Government think-tank has recommended that environmental health warnings, similar to those found on cigarette packets, should be made mandatory on car adverts. Car makers would bear the cost to include the warnings, which would provide information about the vehicle's carbon footprint and even point out other more environmentally friendly means of travel. The move wouldn't just affect cars - aviation companies would also be obliged to point out greener alternatives when advertising flights. A representative for the think-tank said the measures would help fight our "addiction to driving and flying" as well as make a step towards "changing social norms." But there has been criticism of the recommendations - many believe such warnings wouldn't reduce peoples driving/flying at all, are a waste of money (which, inevitably, the consumer will pay for) and would be another example of a 'nanny state telling us what's best. The think-tank also seems to have confused bona fide health warnings about smoking, which causes a genuine addiction to a dangerous chemical, with driving, which is a freely-made choice.


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