Horse Trailer Insurance

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Cover available can include:

  • Private Car NCB acceptable
  • Protected No Claims Bonus available
  • Discounts for limited mileage & security / immobilisers
  • Breakdown assistance & horse recovery
  • Trailer Insurance
  • European use
  • Cover while at competitions

Horse trailer Insurance

Types of horse trailer insurance

It might be easy to assume that if you have car insurance then you don’t need to get cover for your horse trailer too. However this is not the case. Unless your car insurance policy specifically states that any trailers are covered too, including horse trailers – then you’ll need to get separate cover.

Below are some of the main types of horse trailer insurance you can get –

  • Theft and vandalism – If your trailer is stolen or vandalized, then you would be compensated for its full cost. If it can be repaired then this will be included as part of your cover too.
  • New for old – For new trailers that are under 2 years old, you can get the ‘as new’ price back with this type of cover. For older trailers, the current market value at the time of the claim will be paid out.
  • Trailer hire during claims – If your trailer were still being repaired, or a claim still being processed and you needed access to a trailer for a show then you’d have to option to hire one at a discounted rate.
  • Breakdown recovery – If you were to breakdown then you want to be sure that your trailer could be recovered and not just your car. This is why breakdown recovery is such a useful option for horse trailer owners.

Ways to reduce the cost of horse trailer insurance

  • Safe storage – Having somewhere safe to store your trailer is always recommended if you want to keep the cost of your insurance down. This will help to reduce the likelihood of theft and vandalism.
  • Safety measures – Having a wheel clamp for your trailer is highly recommended and is in fact something that some insurance providers will insist on to provide theft cover.
  • Increase excess – Increasing the excess you’d pay towards a claim is a good way to reduce the cost of your premium.
  • Get a limited mileage policy – A limited mileage policy can also help to reduce the cost of horse trailer insurance.

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