How to drive your horsebox safely

If you’re taking your special four-legged companion on a trip, you’ll want to make sure they, yourself and any other road users are safe. Travelling with such a heavy load will make stopping and starting distances longer and make driving around corners more difficult.

Follow our top 10 driving tips for transporting your horse safely:

  • Have lessons – take a specialist horsebox or trailer driving course before hitting the road to get used to driving a horsebox or towing a trailer
  • Get the right licence – ensure you are qualified to drive your vehicle. To tow anything other than a very light horse trailer, you will need to pass an additional test
  • Check your car – give your car a good check before setting off to ensure everything is in good shape. This includes your tyre pressure, brakes, lights and radiator. Having the wrong tyre pressure can cause your trailer to sway
  • Latch the doors – check all the doors are latched properly once your horse is inside to ensure they are safe while travelling
  • Slow down – drive at least 5mph below the speed limit, ensuring you take corners more carefully. Avoid harsh braking and sudden turns as this could injure your horse or cause your vehicle to tip over
  • Check your mirrors – regularly check your mirrors for hazards and avoid changing lanes while driving on the motorway unless necessary. Install an extra safety mirror on your car to improve rear visibility
  • Leave space – keep a good distance from the vehicle in front of you. If they brake suddenly you will need time to slow down gradually
  • Take a break – leave enough time in your journey to stop regularly to rest, and check the condition of your horses
  • Pick your route – choose your route carefully. Bumpy roads and steep hills will make driving your horsebox or trailer more difficult
  • Get the right insurance – make sure you and your vehicle are protected in the event of an accident by getting the right specialist horsebox insurance or horse trailer insurance

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