Cool your horse down this summer

The summer months are a great time to own a horse, with plenty of activities on offer – from competitions and shows, to gentle rides through the countryside. But travelling in the heat can be tough for your horse.

Here are 10 top tips for protecting your horse from scorching temperatures while in transit:

  1. Choose when to travel – avoid travelling during the hottest part of the day, between midday and 2pm. This could mean leaving earlier to reduce the chance of getting stuck in traffic
  2. Keep your horsebox or trailer well ventilated – ensure the windows are open while on the road to give your horse as much fresh air as possible
  3. Modify your horsebox or trailer – if your horsebox or trailer only has small windows, consider having larger windows installed to provide more fresh air, as well as screens to protect your horse from flies. Do be careful when modifying your horsebox though as you still want it to be secure.
  4. Hose them down – in really hot weather, hose your horse down before a long journey to allow them to keep cool for longer
  5. Consider where you park – when you arrive at your destination, avoid leaving your horsebox or trailer in the direct sunshine. Instead, choose a parking spot in the shade where possible
  6. Install a thermometer – check the temperature in your horsebox or trailer regularly. Anything over 30 degrees Celsius is too hot for your horse. Stop, take a break and sponge them down with cool water
  7. Make sure your horse is healthy – only travel when your horse is in good health. High temperatures can put extra stress on them and could make them more sick
  8. Provide plenty of water – ensure there is a fresh supply of cool water for your horse on departure to avoid dehydration and heat stroke
  9. Take regular breaks – in hot weather avoid travelling long distances, or take regular rest stops to allow your horse some fresh air and plenty of food and water
  10. Put down mats – installing rubber mats where your horse stands will help to keep their legs cool during their journey

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