New Nissan Leaf To Feature e-Pedal Technology

Nissan is due to launch the latest incarnation of its incredibly popular Leaf electric vehicle on the 9th September this year. One of the most notable new additions to the new Leaf is the addition of e-Pedal technology.

Although there aren’t a huge amount of details on how the e-Pedal will actually work, it’s understood that it will allow for greater one-pedal control. The technology in the Leaf already means that the brake pedal can often be ignored while driving due to regenerative braking.

Through the flip of a switch, the e-Pedal will allow drivers of the Leaf to use the accelerator for acceleration, braking and stopping. However it should be noted that the Leaf will still have a conventional braking pedal for emergency situations where more aggressive braking is required. In addition to making driving more convenient, there’s also the benefit of making the driving experience safer, which could lead to lower insurance rates for motorists.

Nissan has predicted that the e-Pedal will make the driving experience less complicated and more enjoyable, with 90% of driving needs being covered by it.


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