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Driving in winter can be hazardous even for regular motorists but is especially challenging for truck drivers. Because of this, you want to make sure you take every precaution possible to make driving during winter as safe as possible. Below are some tips for driving safely in winter.

Driving in snow

  • Preparation – Preparation is key when driving in snow. As well as checking the tread on your tyres, you should also use a good quality screenwash that will prevent the water from freezing and rendering your wipers useless. You should of course clear any snow off all windows so you have good visibility.
  • While driving – When driving in snow, it’s always necessary to take a cautious approach. This means accelerating and breaking slowly as well as leaving plenty of room between your vehicle and those in front of you.

Driving in ice

  • Preparation – Driving in ice is extremely dangerous, especially for truck drivers so you should try to avoid any areas that have ice on the roads if at all possible. As with the driving in snow, you should make sure your visibility is good and that all your windows are free of mist and condensation.
  • While driving – If you do have to drive over ice then you should be extremely cautious and accelerate and break very slowly. If you skid then gently steer into it and do not brake suddenly.

Driving fog

  • Preparation – Visibility is the most important thing when driving in fog so before you set off, be sure that you know how to turn all the lights on, including the fog lights.
  • While driving – Be sure that you have your fog lights and also leave plenty of space between you and the car in front of you. When approaching junctions, winding your windows down can help you to hear other cars that are approaching.

Driving in heavy rain

  • Preparation – The two most important checks to make before driving in heavy rain is that your wipers are fully functional and that the air conditioning is working. It’s very easy for your windscreen to be clogged up with condensation during heavy rain so you need to know you can clear it using your vehicle’s air conditioning.
  • While driving – Make sure you put on your dipped headlights so other drivers can see you and also reduce your speed. Also be sure to tune into a loca radio station so you can stay infomed of weather conditions and areas to avoid.