A Beginner’s Guide To Purchasing A Used Commercial Truck

When it comes to purchasing a used commercial truck you need to be aware of how to find a bargain rather than land up with a failure. There is a large market for used commercial trucks; therefore, it is recommended that you begin your search online for the next workhouse and do research as to what’s available with the average sales price.

Purchasing a used commercial truck can be a highly beneficial method of expanding your fleet, beginning work as a freelance contractor or part of your motor trade business. This article will provide some top tips on how to purchase a commercial truck without spending too much money, avoiding costly downtime or expensive repairs.

Reviewing The Issue Of Insurance

Similar to the issue of finance, it is recommended that you review the issue of motor trade insurance for the vehicle. It is essential that you are able to gain traders hgv insurance beforehand because insurance can be difficult to gain for trucks. Road risk insurance is essential when you drive a truck.

Checking The Oil

Checking the oil refers to more than merely considering the oil levels but also the condition of the oil. Checking the oil condition can tell you a great deal about the health of the commercial truck. A healthy truck that has been well maintained will have had both engine and transmission oil regularly analyzed for signs of contamination, antifreeze or traces of metal. If maintenance has been conducted regularly, it is recommended that you ask to see maintenance records.

Checking For Rust

This tip sounds obvious, but checking for rust is a factor many people ignore when purchasing a used commercial truck. Checking for rust is highly significant because it can render the purchase completely worthless. While surface rust can typically be fixed, structural rust is an issue that cannot always be repaired; for example, rust around the frame can be detrimental to the truck’s build. Structural rust cannot always be resolved, so it is worthwhile to take a moment to check this issue.

Reviewing The Service Records

If checking out trucks for sale, service records are highly beneficial because they will inform you of all issues worth noting. Firstly, it is essential that the truck service records are legitimate with the VIN matching the vehicle. Checking the repair work history is important to ensure there are no consistent breakdown patterns that could cause expensive future problems. It is recommended that you avoid trucks without any service records as these may be problematic vehicles with a bad working history.

Inspecting The Suspension

When purchasing a used commercial truck, it is essential that you ensure the suspension is available in working order and all parts are easily sourced. Due to the vital nature of a vehicle’s suspension, repairs can be costly; therefore, it is preferable that the manufacturer of the suspension have a reputation for high quality engineering.

Verifying Major Parts

If you are not familiar with the structure and functioning of a commercial truck, this may be the point where the services of a trained professional truck mechanic would be beneficial. To ensure you are purchasing a high quality heavy duty truck, you must verify the condition of the different major parts of the truck ranging from the brakes to the steering or hydraulic lines. If you cannot accurately determine the overall condition, then it is recommended that you budget for a replacement part.

Locate At Least Two Major Part Suppliers

The last thing you want to deal with when purchasing a heavy duty truck is the truck sitting ideal because young cannot find a small, but major part. This seems obscure but is quite common when dealing with limited or unusual truck brands. To ensure you do not find yourself in this particular situation, it is recommended that you locate at least two part suppliers for the truck before making a purchase. This will assure you are not left “high and dry”.

Reviewing The Issue Of Finance

Before making any offers on the commercial truck, it is advised that you check whether or not you will be able to get finance for the purchase. This is important because some finance companies can be difficult to manage when offering finance issues and won’t make an offer unless the vehicle has passed a DOT inspection.

Knowing The Reasons For Sales

It is important to know that you have a right to know why the truck is for sale. Do not let the person avoid the question when asking why they are selling the truck and ask it in a way that does not offer them the time or opportunity to change the subject. Be aware of any body language or reactions that may give away unspoken issues with the vehicle. Make sure you are satisfied with the reason for sale before agreeing to a purchase.

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