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Floods can cause devastation to homes, but having the right flood insurance cover in place it can make the situation a lot easier to deal with.

  • Compare quotes from specialist flood insurers
  • 24 hour claims hotline & counselling support
  • Contact advice for tradesmen
  • Discounts for alarms & security locks
  • Discount for taking buildings & contents cover
  • Discount for the over 50’s
  • No-claims bonus

A Guide to Flood Insurance

Every year flooding seems to be on the increase in many areas within the UK, some homes are now considered such a risk from it that some homeowners find flood insurance almost impossible to buy. Brokers can provide flood risk insurance for lots of different types of properties especially those considered at risk under the UK’s environmental agency map. Of course home insurance policies generally cover flooding as part of standard insurance however due to recent weather conditions and many large claims being made on buildings including contents for flood damage, most insurers are no longer offering quotes for properties that are under threat from or are near water.

Take Precautions against flood

Professional online brokers have a panel of independent insurance companies on their database that they negotiate with to provide businesses and homes flood insurance policies. They will assess each risk independently, for instance your home may be in a flood area but is situated on top of a hill so is less likely to be flooded, in other cases brokers may apply a higher excess to cover potential risks. They also offer friendly advice and precautionary measures when flood warnings are announced, for instance:-

  • Homes that may be affected by flooding should ensure that doors and windows are kept shut
  • Homeowners who have flood risk insurance should move anything of value from the ground floor upstairs if possible
  • Try and place sand bags around external doorways and the perimeter of the building
  • Make sure you know where to turn off electrical and gas supplies when a flood warning is imminent
  • Keep emergency helpline numbers handy, for example gas, electrical and water companies, especially your insurance broker’s claims number
  • If your house has a basement why not consider fitting a pump to extract water more quickly

Why Use A Flood risk Insurance Broker?

It really does pay to use the services of a well-known online flood risk home insurance broker, they can offer you a cheap, quick quotation in a matter of minutes and provide a call back service that’s convenient to you. Brokers do consider owners of properties that are located in moderate or high risk flood areas and will ensure that your home including contents cover is adequate enough in the event of a major flooding disaster. Their insurance prices are extremely competitive and within their policies you can expect the following key features:-

  • Full cover for properties that are situated in flood risk areas
  • Protection for listed properties
  • Domestic assistance helpline
  • 24 hour claims hotline with additional counselling support
  • Optional payment system by credit card, debit card, direct debit or cheque
  • Contact details for tradesmen
  • Extra insurance discounts for properties with alarms and security locks

For full details of the different flood areas around the UK please consult the Environment Agency website

Benefits of Flood risk Insurance

  • Full cover for properties within flood risk areas
  • Cover for listed buildings
  • Discounts for alarm and security locks
  • Discounts when you buy building and contents cover
  • 24 hour claims hotline including counselling support
  • Easy payments by credit cards or direct debit

Save Time & Money By Getting Flood Risk Insurance Quotes The Easy Way

One of the best ways to save money on home insurance for flood risk areas is to shop around. Getting a lot of quotes is very quick and easy. When you click the green button below you’ll be taken to the quote form pages. After providing a bit of information about yourself you’ll have access to a range of quotes from flood insurance specialists. Then you just have to decide which policy offers you the best deal. Get started now!