Types of Flood Defences

They say prevention is better than a cure and that’s certainly true where flooding is concerned. While having good flood insurance will ensure that you’re fully compensated for any damage caused by flooding; it’s better to avoid as much damage as you possibly can to start with. Below are some of the most effective flood defence products currently on the market.

Hydrosacks & Sandbags

Hydrosacks and sandbags are two very simple yet effective forms of flood defence. The idea is to place them around any windows, doors or other openings to help keep flood water out of your property. Sandbags are a very traditional means of flood defence and provide a cost-effective way to protect your property. Hydrosacks work in the same way as sandbags but they come with a couple of key advantages. Firstly they are much easier to handle that sandbags when they’re wet. Secondly, any water they absorb (they can absorb up to 20 litres) will be crystallized and will not come out of the bag, even when ripped.

Flood barriers

Flood barriers are an excellent alternative to sandbags and many would say are more effective. You can use a flood barrier to protect your garage, driveway or home itself. They can be constructed very easily by just one person and can be built to cover any space you need. Another excellent thing about flood barriers is that they can be re-used, which is not the case with sandbags. Owning flood barriers could also help you to get a better deal on flood insurance.

Air vent covers

Air vent covers, as the name suggests, provide a means to cover up any air vents that are at ground level in order to prevent water from getting into your home below the floorboards. Water damage below your floorboards can cause a lot of problems as you would imagine so using air vent covers to prevent this risk is highly recommended.

Water extraction

Taking any measures you can to keep water out of your home is always a good idea but it’s not always possible to completely block out water in the event of a flood. In this case, you’ll want to get any water that’s entered your property out as soon as possible, providing it’s safe to do so of course. There are many excellent pumps, suction hoses and wet/dry vacuum cleaners you can get to extract water from your home and get it out of your carpets.

Get flood insurance quotes from specialists

When it comes to flood insurance, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Getting cover from a specialist provider is always recommended, as is getting quotes from as many providers as possible. This will help you to save money and get the best deal you can. To get quotes from a panel of specialist flood insurance providers now, simply click the green button below.

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