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A Quick Start Guide to Listed Property Insurance

If you own a listed property then it’s essential that you get it protected with a good insurance policy. When looking for insurance for a listed building or period property, you’ll need to seek out specialist providers. This is because the rebuild costs are typically much higher than a regular home. Finding quotes for listed buildings doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact you can get quotes from a panel of specialist providers by clicking the red button on this page.

What is a listed building?

Listed buildings are those that are on the national register as being of particular historical or architectural importance or interest. Listed buildings are typically very aesthetically beautiful and in idyllic settings. As the owner of a listed building or period property, it’s your responsibility to ensure it’s kept in a good state of repair. Period properties are usually, but not always listed. If they were built between 1700 and 1840 and have survived in their original condition, then they’ll usually be listed.

Benefits of getting cover online

  • Cover for all types of listed buildings
  • All types of cover available
  • Fair quotes from a panel of specialists
  • Payment by debit or credit card
  • Instant documentation
  • Full support

Ways to save money

  • Have a survey conducted – Having a survey conducted is always recommend when purchasing a listed property. The reason for this is that when you purchase a listed property, you’ll be responsible for any previous unauthorised work that was done. A surveyor will be able to inform you of this so you don’t get any nasty surprises.
  • Make fire safety a priority – For a lot of period properties, particularly those with thatched roofs, fire can be a big hazard. You should have a chimney inspection carried out and inform your insurance providers of this since chimneys pose one of the biggest threats to such properties.
  • Get multiple quotes – Getting multiple quotes is recommended when taking out any type of insurance, but particularly so for listed buildings and period properties. The prices you’re quoted can vary a lot so you should always make the effort to do this.

Get quotes quickly and easily

If you want to get quotes for a listed building or period property then you’re in the right place. By clicking the right button below, you’ll be able to have accessed to tailored quotes from a panel of specialist providers within a matter of minutes. What are you waiting for?

Listed Building Home Insurance FAQs

Do I need special insurance for a listed building?

Yes. The risks and rebuild costs associated with a listed building are different to a standard home. Therefore, it’s necessary to get a special policy from an insurance provider that specialises in listed building home insurance.

Who insures historic buildings?

There are several insurance providers who specialise in insuring historic buildings, including listed buildings and thatched roof properties. The risks and rebuild costs associated with listed properties is typically much higher compared to standard homes, so a special policy is required.

Is house insurance more for a listed building?

Yes, typically a listed building will cost more to insure than a standard home. This is because the risks and repair costs for a listed building are usually significantly higher, especially for properties that have unusual features like thatched roofs. Some insurance providers will try to keep premiums down on a listed building policy by increasing the excess i.e. what you would pay in the event of a claim.

Is it more expensive to insure a grade 2 listed building?

When it comes to listed buildings, there are different grades depending on how unique the building is. Most listed buildings are considered to be grade 2 and of special interest. There are, however, also grade 2 buildings that are considered of particular interest. These are much less common than regular grade 2 buildings and will therefore cost more to insure.

What are the risks of insuring a listed building?

Some of the main risks of a listed building that insurance providers consider are –
  • Age of the property – Older buildings tend to be more prone to things like damp and weather damage. This is something insurance providers always consider.
  • Rebuild costs – The rebuild costs of a property will also play a big factor in how much a listed building policy costs.
  • Unusual features – Any unusual features such as a thatched roof will add to the risk for insurers too.

Can you replace windows in a listed building?

This will depend on whether or not replacing the window affects the structure of the property. Certain types of listed buildings will have special types of windows, such as stain glass windows. If this is the case, you should seek advice from your local council if the window needs to be replaced.

Can you remove a wall in a listed building?

Making structural changes to a listed building is usually not allowed unless specific permission is granted by your local council. Because listed buildings are considered to be of special interest, you’re not able to make changes to the structure without getting permission first. Failure to do this could result in a fine or even imprisonment.

Is a listed building worth more?

Listed buildings are considered to be of special interest. When compared to a home of the same size, they’re often more expensive as well as costing more to insure.  

Is home insurance the same as building and contents insurance?

Typically, home insurance will include cover for structural damage to the building as standard. Some home insurance policies also include contents insurance, but it shouldn’t be considered a standard part of a home insurance policy. It’s important to find out from your insurance provider exactly what type of contents would be covered, particularly if you have very expensive items that need to be insured.