If you’ve purchased a motorhome then the chances are that you’ve made a significant financial investment and in order to meet both your legal obligations as well as to protect your investment you need the right form of motorhome insurance. However before ploughing straight ahead with just any old premium you can cut the costs associated with your policy and get cheap motorhome insurance by following these seven top tips.

For Cheap Motorhome Insurance Go Beyond a Mere Car Insurance Policy

Whilst you can meet your legal obligations through a standard car insurance policy for your motorhome you’ll likely find such coverage far from ideal should you ever need to claim on it. At the very least you should research the differences between the two forms of insurance, as well as the extensive features of a solid motorhome insurance policy.

Don’t purchase based on price alone

With insurance premiums that rise each year it can be tempting to focus upon price alone, however this can lead you to under insuring and choosing a policy that is far from robust should you worst happen. So always weigh up the savings on cost versus the lesser coverage that you would inevitably receive with a cheaper policy.

Pay particular attention to the particulars

Insurance policies come with plenty of small print, and in a world where we’re busier than ever it can be all too tempting to skip reading the particulars. However this tedious task is a must if you’re to ensure that you don’t end up with an insurance company that refuses to pay out, or pay out less than you had envisaged, should you ever need to claim on the policy.

Always plump for fully comprehensive motorhome cover if you can

Motorhomes of any size and description are generally subject to a fairly hefty purchase price, so protect your investment sufficiently with coverage that is comprehensive.

Consider upping your voluntary excess if you can afford it

Upping the voluntary payment that you make towards any repairs can help drive the cost of your premiums down. That said you must ensure that you can genuinely afford such a payment should you need to.

Choose an insurance policy that is suitable for your particular type of motorhome

There are many, many different forms of motorhome, from the simple, bog stand van to the complete conversion that may only have the original chassis remaining. To this end you must ensure that you provide full and comprehensive details of your exact motorhome, and any alterations that have been undertaken, when applying for motorhome insurance.

Take care to get the right cover if you’re planning to travel abroad in your motorhome

If you plan to travel abroad with your motorhome then you must explicitly request this from your insurance provider. What’s more you will also need to list the exact countries that you plan to visit – and whilst some insurance policies cover this as standard, travel insurance is far from included, even to a limited degree, in all motorhome insurance policies.

All of these things will help you get cheap motorhome insurance