Unoccupied Property FAQs


Do I need unoccupied property insurance?

You will likely need unoccupied property insurance if you property is going to be unoccupied for a period of 30 days or more.

Why doesn’t standard buildings and contents insurance cover my unoccupied home?

Most providers will not insure or may reduce cover for properties which are left unoccupied for more than 30 days at a time. Cover from insurers who specifically deal with unoccupied properties is catered towards risks associated with unoccupied property in particular.

What are common reasons for a property being unoccupied?

A property might be unoccupied for a few different reasons. These include –

  • You are going on an extended holiday that will last more than a month
  • You have bought a new property and plan to have it renovated before you move in
  • Your own a holiday home that’s only used for part of the year
  • You let property and don’t currently have tenants

Are policies flexible?

Yes. Because unoccupied property insurance is typically taken out on a temporary basis, policies are designed to be very flexible. You can get cover for as little as a month and up to a year with everything in between covered.

What is covered?

A typical unoccupied property insurance policy will include building insurance and cover for vandalism. You can also have cover for contents included if you wish.

Can I get instant coverage for my unoccupied property?

Yes. We can arrange instant cover. You can do this over the phone or online.

How much should I insure my unoccupied property for?

For your buildings you need to take into consideration not only the cost of rebuilding the main property but also any outbuildings, swimming pools, boundary walls etc. The value should include solicitor and surveyor fees and demolition costs. With your contents you need to consider all household goods and personal property within your unoccupied property and how much you would have to pay to replace them as new. We make a deduction for wear and tear for clothing and linen.

How do I get quotes?

You can get quotes for unoccupied property insurance from a panel of different providers by simple clicking the green button below.