Staging Tips For Making An Empty Home Look Sellable

If you decide to sell your empty home then you have to try and make it look sellable and these tips are there to help you do just that. Take a look and see for yourself.

Attention Straight From The Curb

We’re all guilty of driving by an open house several times before deciding to enter or not. If no one requests a showing of a property you’re selling, it could be partially your fault. First impressions are everything, and what people see when they first drive by can make or break sales. Ultimately, you can grab potential buyers right off the street by upping the curb appeal of the property by installing potted plants and flowers, cleaning up the yard, pressure washing the exterior and the sidewalk, and mowing the lawn.

Go For Sparkling Clean

Potential buyers are going to be looking at everything inside of the home– that means closets, sinks, and even the windowsill! Nothing is safe from prying eyes, so get out your vacuum cleaner, mop the floors, dust everything indoors, and clean the baseboards. Also keep any potential odors in check. Not sure what your home smells like? Grab a friend or neutral family member to tell you the truth.

Setting The Perfect Mood

Potential buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living in the home you’re selling. Ultimately, bright and garish colors are a turnoff for buyers, so make sure that your walls are neutral colored. Natural lighting is also important, extremely so! Make sure to create the perfect feeling of open space and brightness by opening drapes and blinds. Adding some furniture helps too – each room should have the basics for furniture. So, in the bedroom ensure there is a bed, in the dining room a solid oak dining table and chairs and in the kitchen some kitchen utensils and outside some beautiful outdoor furniture from Outdoor art pros

Create Nooks And Spaces

Selling your Maui home greatly depends on how well you show off your given space. If your home has a large open floor plan, create small areas by moving your furniture away from the walls. Some furniture may not work with your new layout, so anything you don’t need should be donated or placed into storage.

You can set the perfect mood in the home by just paying attention to natural and artificial lighting. It can’t be stressed enough that whenever possible, let in natural light by pulling back curtains and opening windows. Check lightbulbs, and replace them accordingly if you find ones that aren’t functioning properly. Consider installing dimmer switches, and to accent the home, try flameless battery operated candles.

Make It Look Well-Kept And Shiny!

Of course, there’s no way that the property you’re selling is brand new, but you should pay attention to how a potential buyer may perceive it. Once you’ve gotten the brunt of the cleaning work out of the way, start looking at all the details, nooks and crannies. Are there cracked tiles in the bathroom? Grimy walls? Chipped paint anywhere? These are all red flags for a potential buyer, and though you may have been okay living with these flaws, not everyone else will be! Fix the things that need to be fixed to send the right message.

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