How to Stay Safe as a Taxi Driver

As providers of an insurance comparison service we know that if you work as a taxi driver then you’ll be dealing with a lot of different people on a regular basis. While most customers don’t present a problem, unfortunately there are those few who can make your job difficult and sometimes even dangerous.

Below are some of the best ways you can stay safe while working as a taxi driver.

Make your vehicle more secure

One of the best ways to stay safe as a taxi driver is to make your vehicle itself as secure as possible. An excellent way to make your taxi more secure is by having the doors modified so that they can only be opened from the inside. This prevents people from being able to enter your cab without your permission.

Another great way to make sure vehicle more secure is by having CCTV installed. CCTV can be a great deterrent for passengers that might otherwise become aggressive. If you do have CCTV installed in your vehicle then be sure to put signs on your taxi to let customers know this as this can also work well as a deterrent to bad behavior.

Learn to judge customers

Learning how to read customers is a very important skill to have when you’re a taxi driver. This is particularly true if you drive a public hire vehicle, such as a black cab. You shouldn’t be afraid of rejecting a fare if you think a customer is behaving in a suspicious way or they’re very drunk. You should speak to customers through the window first and decide if they’re fit to get in your taxi.

Knowing how to deal with customers who become aggressive is another important skill to have. Sometimes you can talk people round but if you’re in a situation where a passenger is threatening you for money then often the safest thing to do is hand it over, particularly if they have a weapon. You can always report the incident afterwards and if you have CCTV there’s a good chance they’ll be caught.

Get the right cover

Any good taxi insurance policy, including Uber taxi insurance will include cover for road risks. This is something you’re required by law to have in order to drive your taxi legally. However you can also get additional types of cover included in a taxi insurance policy to make you more safe, such as cover for injuries sustained while on the job as well as breakdown cover.


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